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Power Source Designed For Testing Single-Phase Equipment
Elgar Electronics
(800) 733-5427; fax (858) 458-0267; www.elgar.com.

The ContinuousWave (CW) 2501M ac power source complements the company's CW series. Designed for testing single-phase equipment, the CW 2501M functions as a low-cost power source. According to the company, this device is suited for research and development and production, including margin testing and QA verification for industrial and commercial 47- to 63-Hz applications. It also functions in avionics, marine, and military applications that require 400 Hz. The power source features a power rating of 2500 VA. Its single-phase output frequency ranges from 45 to 500 Hz. The switchable output voltage ranges are 0 to 135 VRMS with a maximum current of 18.6 ARMS and 0 to 270 VRMS with a current up to 9.3 ARMS. Pricing for the CW2501M starts at $5495.

USB Analysis Probe Includes Complete USB Serial-To-Parallel Decode
FuturePlus Systems Corp.
(719) 278-3540; fax (719) 278-9586; www.futureplus.com.

The FS4120 USB analysis probe is designed for use with Agilent logic analyzers. According to the company, targeted users are engineers involved in the debugging, testing, verification, and compliance testing of USB 2.0 peripherals and USB-based systems. This probe provides an electrical and mech-anical interface for passive bus analysis between the USB device under test and the company's logic analyzers. It features test points for dc current, inrush current, and suspend current measurements for self-powered devices. SMA connectors allow easy oscilloscope triggering and measurements.

Additional features include complete USB serial-to-parallel decode, providing a protocol-level view of bus traffic. The probe supports both USB 1.1 and 2.0 users. The FS4120 USB 2.0 probe costs $7995.

Software Tool Adds Sound And Vibration Analysis Capabilities
National Instruments
(512) 794-0100; www.ni.com.

The Order Analysis Toolset for LabVIEW 6.1 adds powerful sound and vibration analysis capabilities to the open, flexible development environment of LabVIEW. Using this toolset, engineers can examine sound and vibration generated by machinery with rotating or reciprocating components. Dynamic signals can also be examined. According to the company, this tool enables X-ray-like examination of the operation of a system. Individual components can be examined thoroughly without the need to disassemble the system. Engineers can build complete measurement and automation solutions by combining LabVIEW, the Order Analysis Toolset, and measurement hardware. The toolset is now available and costs $2995.

Optical Spectrum Analyzer Conducts Accurate Measurements In L-Band
Anritsu Corp.
(800) ANRITSU; fax (972) 671-1877; www.anritsu.com.

The MS9710C optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) makes highly accurate L-band and C-band measurements. The device features a wide dynamic range and high resolution. It conducts high-end analysis of DWDM components and systems with channel spacings to 50 GHz. The MS9710C has an industry-leading wavelength accuracy of greater than 0.02 nm at both the C- and L-bands. It integrates double-pass diffraction technology to achieve a dynamic range of 70 dB at 1 nm. According to the company, the MS9710C optical spectrum analyzer is extremely reliable over the 600- to 1750-nm range.

The MS9710C with improved L-band measurement capability costs $39,000. The standard MS9710C costs $37,000.

Test Module Enables Boundary-Scan Testing Of PCI Cards
Corelis Inc.
(562) 926-6727; fax (562) 404-6196; www.corelis.com.

The ScanPCI-280 is a test module that enables boundary-scan (JTAG) testing of PCI cards. This product adds boundary-scan test coverage to the circuit traces that are directly connected to the card edge connector pins. The module takes advantage of the JTAG interface built into the PCI bus to access the boundary-scan components of the PCI-based unit under test (UUT). The system fully supports 3.3- and 5-V compatible PCI cards. During the test, the PCI card UUT edge connector plugs into the ScanPCI-280 module mating connector. This enables access to the boundary-scan controllable digital I/O pins provided by the company's ScanIO-280LV companion product.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Benchtop Triple-Output Digital Power Supply Delivers 0-24 V DC, Up To 0.5 A
B&K Precision Corp.
(714) 237-9220; fax (714) 237-9214; www.bkprecision.com.

The Model 1652 digital triple-output power supply utilizes a standard 115-V ac outlet as the power source. The benchtop unit provides variable-voltage outputs of 0 to 24 V dc. It also provides up to 0.5 A in continuous operation. The unit features a large, easy-to-read, front-panel-mounted precision digital meter that displays voltage or current readings. Additional front-panel indicators and controls include an on/off power switch, a power LED, an overload indicator light, a voltage-adjustment knob, and built-in soldering iron temperature control. The Model 1652 provides 0 to 0.5 A. Weighing only 12 lb., the bench-top unit measures 5.5 by 6.5 by 10.5 in. The unit features output of isolation leakage less than 0.1 mA. The Model 1652 costs $450.

Piezoelectric Accelerometer Operates At High Temperatures
(949) 493-8181; fax (949) 661-7231; www.endevco.com.

The Model 6240M10 is a high-temperature piezoelectric accelerometer. The device is designed for continuous operation at 1200°F. It can also operate intermittently up to 1400°F. As a self-generating device, the Model 6240M10 requires no external power for operation. Its compact design allows installation in tight, space-cramped areas. Other significant features include a high sensitivity for low-level vibration analysis and hermetic sealing. According to the company, this accelerometer is suited for such applications as research and development testing on aircraft gas turbine engines.

The sensing elements and integral shield are isolated from the case. While the standard cable length is 120 in., other cable lengths are available on special order. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Digitizer Performs Single-Shot Sampling At 2.5 Gsamples/s
LeCroy Corp.
(800) 4-LECROY; www.lecroy.com.

The PXD222 digitizer features a 200-MHz bandwidth and the ability to accommodate up to 300 V. According to the company, this device features the world's fastest single-shot sampling rate of 2.5 Gsamples/s. This general-purpose digitizer suits use in systems designed for a wide variety of applications, including analytical instrumentation for high-speed physics, radar, disk drive, aerospace/defense, and automotive applications. The PXD222 features advanced triggering capabilities, including an autotriggering mode and pulse-width triggering. For added flexibility, the digitizer supports industry-standard PXITRIG and PXISTAR. The PXD222 has a 3U form factor that occupies two slots. Available now, it costs $2890.

Oscilloscope Probes Feature Easily Replaceable Tips
Pomona Electronics
(909) 623-3463; fax (909) 629-3317; www.pomonaelectronics.com.

Fine-tip oscilloscope probes are designed specifically for electronics testing of high-density chip leads. Featuring a spring-loaded replaceable pogo-pin tip, these devices provide the versatility of a wide range of tips with availability from many sources. The oscilloscope probes are available in 10 configurations with bandwidths ranging from 30 to 350 MHz. The passive voltage probes can be used for testing with a wide variety of oscilloscopes. Using a 0.060-in. diameter tip, these probes can reach test points that are inaccessible with larger tips. Each tip comes with a full set of accessories, including an insulated adjustment tool, a sprung hook, and a 23-cm ground lead. Also included are a 25-mm ground adapter, an IC tip adapter, a tip cover, a rigid tip, and a spring-loaded tip. The probes are priced from $26.00.

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