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Hall-Effect Sensor Targets Automotive, Industrial Markets
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
(508) 853-5000; fax (508) 853-5049; www.allegromicro.com

The ATS660 is a true zero-speed digital differential Hall-effect sensor targeted to the automotive and industrial markets. According to the company, it is ideal for sensing the speed and position of fine pitch targets found in demanding transmission and gear-box applications. This device has an open-collector output for direct digital interfacing. It is available in two highly integrated packages for optimal system integration.

This sensor incorporates patented self-calibration circuitry that provides superior duty-cycle measurement accuracy over an installation air gap range greater than 2.5 mm. The self-calibration circuitry nulls out the effect of temperature variation. It also nulls the effects of system and magnet offsets. This results in a high immunity to gear eccentricity and wobble. Additional features include a wide operating-voltage range and a wide operating-temperature range.

In 1000-unit quantities, the ATS660 costs $2.00 per part.

Dual Comparator Features 150-MHz Toggle Frequency
Linear Technology Corp.
(408) 432-1900; fax (408) 434-6441; www.linear-tech.com

The LT1715 dual comparator features a 4-ns propagation delay. According to the company, this device meets or exceeds the performance requirements of a wide range of high-speed applications. Featuring a 150-MHz toggle frequency, this comparator supports supply voltages from 2.7 to 10.5 V. It can be operated using its independent analog and digital supply pins. It offers a wide input range that extends 100 mV below the negative rail. Also, rail-to-rail outputs enable compatibility with both 3- and 5-V logic.

Four independent supply pins permit the use of ±5-V analog supplies to accommodate large amplitude inputs while allowing a low-voltage digital supply for high-speed logic compatibility. This device also features a pin-out that uses the power rails to shield the inputs from the potential parasitic effects of the fast-switching output. The LT1715 is available in a 10-pin MSOP package. It is specified for operation over both the commercial and industrial temperature ranges. In 1000-unit quantities, pricing starts at $3.35.

Environment Cuts Programming Time For Flash Memory Devices
ASSET InterTech Inc.
(888) 694-6250; fax (972) 437-2826; www.asset-intertech.com

Using ScanWorks Version 3.1, manufacturers of electronic systems can reduce the time spent programming flash memories. Also, designers can take advantage of this environment's in-system programming (ISP) and boundary-scan test capabilities. The company's FlashProgrammer is fully integrated into the ScanWorks tool.

According to the company, ScanWorks with FlashProgrammer can reduce programming times by as much as 50%. It provides access to the Flash memory device's write-enable, ready/busy, and VPP control signals. This flexible access optimizes the programming process and reduces the number of scans for each programming cycle. ScanWork's new design browser user interface can be used to access design data such as layouts and schematics through every phase of a product's life. Test or design engineers can quickly locate and isolate faults by correlating fault reports with a layout or schematic view of the design. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Solution Measures And Analyzes Up To ATM-CPCS Layer
Anritsu Company
(800) ANRITSU; fax (972) 671-1877; www.us.anritsu.com

The MP1220B is a lightweight, portable, comprehensive ATM network performance monitoring and measurement solution. Supporting interfaces from 1.5 to 622 Mbits/s, this system conducts simultaneous measurements and real-time analysis of two channels up to the ATM-CPCS layer. The MP-1220B suits telephony carriers, networking service providers, and equipment manufacturers to conduct a wide variety of complex network analyses involving switches, routers, and multiplexers.

This unit is capable of analyzing data traveling upstream and downstream on both sides of a switch. It conducts automated traffic monitoring of bandwidth utilization of up to 1023 ATM network channels. Formatted payload data cells conforming to ITU-0.191 recommendations can be used to test cell delay performance. Additional measurements include tests for traffic type, traffic congestion, data throughput, and cell delay variation (CDV). The analyzer employs a Windows-based user interface for simple operation. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Software Tool Offers New Approach To Data Logging
National Instruments Corp.
(512) 794-0100; www.ni.com

The VI Logger is a standalone, configuration-based software tool that employs the power and flexibility of today's consumer technologies. According to the company, it delivers a new approach to data logging. Using this tool, test engineers can easily acquire, log, view, and share data using a menu-driven configuration.

Intuitive dialog windows enable test engineers to easily configure logging tasks to acquire, log, view, and share data. This tool does not require programming. VI Logger works with a wide range of DAQ boards, allowing engineers to log both high- and low-speed signals from a wide variety of sensor types. The company says this flexibility suits the tool for any design validation situation. VI Logger also features remote logging. Test engineers can log or view data from locations other than their host PC. An easy-to-use viewer allows engineers to view real-time and historical data. With calculated channels, test engineers can set up mathematical expressions using the data-acquisition channels for increased flexibility and viewing. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Source Meter Makes Dual-Channel Single-Point Measurements In 1 ms
Interface Technology Inc.
(909) 595-6030; fax (909) 595-7177; www.interfacetech.com

The SM25 dual-channel source-measure instrument is packaged in a single-slot VXI C-size module. According to the company, this instrument is more than 10 times faster in taking single-point measurements and five times faster in taking sweep measurements than other source measure instruments. It also offers twice the number of test points in a sweep and more than twice the number of stored test setups than its GPIB competitor.

The SM25 makes single-point measurements in 1 ms simultaneously on both channels. Through the use of an internal comparator, this instrument can also perform simple pass/fail tests in under 1 ms. To improve test speed, range settings can be changed in 10 ms. Settings within the same range can be changed in 1 ms. This instrument can source and measure voltages from 20 µV to 25 V in three ranges. It can source and measure current from 50 pA to 1000 mA in seven ranges. The SM25 can accept and source VXI triggers, enabling host-free sequencing of complex test scenarios. Available now, the SM25 costs $7995.

Four-Channel Oscilloscope Features A 2-Gsample/s ADC On Each Channel
(800) 4-LECROY; www.lecroy.com

The WavePro 954 four-channel oscilloscope features 250,000 points of memory. A 2-Gsample/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is incorporated on each channel. It can also operate in two-channel mode at 4 Gsamples/s with double the memory length. One signal can be acquired at 8 Gsamples/s into 1 Mpoint of memory. This instrument offers a memory option of 1 Mpoint/channel (4 Mpoints when using a single channel). The WavePro 954 allows engineers to capture signals up to 1 GHz with 8 Gsamples/s sampling into 4 Mpoints of memory.

Each unit incorporates a WavePilot toolbar. This feature allows one-touch access to the features most commonly used to verify signal integrity and troubleshoot circuit problems. The "History" key on the unit's front panel activates a mode in which the time/date stamp is recorded for each trigger in a buffer of up to 8000 signal acquisitions. Another key on the front panel lets the user set up the oscilloscope in customized ways to perform favorite measurements. While some choices for customization are preloaded, users can create their own files for customization. The WavePro 954 four-channel oscilloscope costs $19,990. The 1-Mbyte/channel memory option costs $3500.

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