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GPS Disciplined OXCO Features Adaptive Algorithm

GPS Disciplined OXCO Features Adaptive Algorithm

The IQCM-110 series of GPS disciplined OXCOs from IQD incorporate an internal GPS receiver with a 1PPS output. In the event of the loss of the GPS signal and when coupled with an external aerial via the incorporated SMA connector, the 10 MHz OCXO will switch-in with a holdover capability of 1.5 μSeconds for a 24-hour period. This maintains lock until restoration of the reference signal. Operational between -20° and 75°C, the required power supply is 5V with standard HCMOS output. Current consumption is 2A maximum during warm-up, reducing to 1A once the steady-state condition is reached.

The OXCO is designed to incorporate an internal adaptive algorithm, enabling the module to learn the parameters of the GPS signal after a 2 day lock period and starting the holdover function in the event of signal failure. A built-in, internal alarm indicates lock failure and restoration of signal. A serial connection provides a more detailed interrogation of the device’s performance.


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