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Cost effective design methods to combat Electromagnetic Interference

Cost effective design methods to combat Electromagnetic Interference

An Electronic Design-hosted live webinar on November 21st sponsored by TTI and Harwin

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sponsor: TTI and Harwin
Duration: 30 Minutes

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So often, in the design of a product, Electromagnetic compatibility or EMC is left to the last minute, or forgotten about. Like so many aspects of life, this is just another problem that needs to have a solution and cannot be ignored in this modern world of connected devices.

In 30 minutes, we will touch on two fundamental – yet easy to understand methods that a design engineer can have to save headaches of failing EMC testing towards the end of their project. 

This presentation will provide an in depth explanation as to why EMC issues occur and what practical steps you can take to avoid them. This is not an irrelevant lecture with too much detail.

Key points you will get from this lecture:

  • A full understanding of what is inductance, and how a lack of understanding is basis for near all EMC issues.
  • How simply drawing a PCB track in the wrong way can cause enormous EMC issues.
  • Why twisted pairs are so useful.
  • The principle of “canning up” to preempt future EMC Design issues.
  • Are you a victim of mutual inductance? Or worse, unaware that you are creating self-inductance?


Robert John Webber, Field Application Engineer, Harwin PLC

Robert Webber joined Harwin in 2016 with a degree in Electronic Engineering and 12 years’ industry experience. He is an EMC and RF communications enthusiast and expert in applications for connectivity, PCB and hardware design. Robert loves being involved in the design of products and working closely with engineers to think outside the box and find the best solution.



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