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Digital Isolator Standards and Certifications

An Electronic Design-hosted on-demand webinar sponsored by Texas Instruments

Available On-Demand
Originally Broadcast:
Wednesday, November 06, 2019
Sponsor: Texas Instruments
Duration: 30 Minutes

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It is critical for design engineers to select isolation components that meet component-level safety requirements of high-voltage safety standards for their applications. In this webinar, we will discuss certain industry standards such as VDE V 0884-11, the testing associated with these certifications and highlight some resources to help make it easier to select the right device based on each certification.


Saleem Marwat, System Engineer, Texas Instruments

Saleem Marwat is a Systems Engineer with the Isolation group in Texas Instruments. Saleem has over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and he is an active member of several IEC Standard Working Groups such as Opto-coupler (IEC 60747-5-5) and Digital Isolator (IEC 60747-17 Draft) standards.

Luke Trowbridge, Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments

Luke Trowbridge is a Product Marketing Engineer with the Isolation group in Texas Instruments. Luke works tounderstand customer's current and future needs for Digital Isolation, Isolated Data and Power, and Transformer Drivers. He engages with customers worldwide and has authored technical papers on his areas of expertise. Luke has prior experience working with the entire Texas Instruments portfolio and is an alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin.



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