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EMI Troubleshooting & Pre-Compliance Testing with Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

EMI Troubleshooting & Pre-Compliance Testing with Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

An Electronic Design-hosted on-demand webinar sponsored by Tektronix

Available On-Demand
Originally Broadcast:
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Sponsor: Tektronix
Duration: 1 Hour

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Today, R&D engineers face challenging time-to-market goals. Extending the product development schedule and delaying the product launch due to FCC, CE, EMC, or other RF-related failures can prove extremely costly. In this presentation, Tektronix product marketing manager, Dylan Stinson, discusses the latest challenges with getting products to pass electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and how real-time spectrum analyzers and mixed-signal RF-capable oscilloscopes can be used to diagnose, troubleshoot, and pre-test products for radiated and conducted emissions. Considering the cost of failing – 50% of products fail their first time – it’s worthwhile for organizations to invest in their own in-house EMC pre-compliance and troubleshooting kit. You’ll learn the differences in the tools and how to perform these important measurements.


Dylan Stinson, Product Marketing Manager, Tektronix

Former hardware engineer Dylan Stinson is a product marketing manager for RF/microwave products at Tektronix. He’s spent the past three years working closely with customers and industry partners to define market requirements and deploy test and measurement solutions. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University with a focus in high-frequency systems and electromagnetics.