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Solving Temperature Sensor Design Challenges

Solving Temperature Sensor Design Challenges

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Originally Broadcast:
Thursday, August 15, 2019
Sponsor: Texas Instruments
Duration: 30 Minutes

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In this webinar we will introduce and compare various temperature sensing technologies and terminologies. Each sensor presents a very unique design trade-off in performance and cost, here we will outline six unique design challenges and present technical merit starting from the sensor selection process and the considerations required for optimal temperature response.


Brandon Fisher, Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments

Brandon Fisher graduated in May 2018 with his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to graduating Brandon interned in the summer of 2017 working at Texas Instruments with temperature and humidity sensors, and returned for TI’s rotation program as an applications engineer in Summer 2018. As a now full-time applications engineer at TI in Dallas Texas, Brandon supports digital temperature sensors primarily focusing on medical and wearable applications. Outside of work, Brandon recently celebrated his Wedding in June 2019, and he enjoys travel, board games, and spending time outdoors with his dog.





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