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Smart city and wireless communication network

Webinar: A Simplified Approach to Bluetooth Mesh: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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Originally Broadcast:
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Sponsor: Laird Connectivity
Duration: 30 Minutes

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Bluetooth mesh has been one of the most anticipated features of Bluetooth, taking the technology from traditional short-range wireless deployments to large-scale device networks. Bluetooth mesh networks can span wide physical areas and support tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices, which is a game changer for anyone designing wireless devices for the IoT. 

To be completely honest, the underlying technology is really complicated, but don’t let that 700+ page specification scare you. Join Mahendra Tailor, Laird Connectivity’s Bluetooth Technology leader, for an informative Q&A style webinar that covers: 

  • A high-level overview of Bluetooth mesh
  • How to simplify mesh design and provisioning 
  • How to get started with development 


Mahendra Tailor, Technology Leader, Laird Connectivity

Mahendra Tailor is a Technology Leader for Laird Connectivity where he has worked for 21 years and has worked mostly in Bluetooth for nearly 15 years, resulting in many patents. He has worked in embedded and automation systems for over 35 years after getting a degree in Control and Instrumentation Engineering from The City University in London. His goal is to make technology easy for others to embed into end products.