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Avoid the Dark Side of Quality Failure

Avoid the Dark Side of Quality Failure

Sponsored by Arena Soutions

If you're a modern product development company could fictional Star Wars characters teach you valuable product development lessons to ensure your quality success? As any Star Wars fan and good quality expert or operation manager will attest—you bet your movie-quality Chewbacca mask it can!

Revealed in this eBook is a new hope that unites product lifecycle management (PLM), quality management solutions (QMS) and application lifecycle management (ALM) to enable product companies to overcome the phantom menace of global competitors and stricter compliance mandates to save the universe with great products.

Your company’s team of quality experts, operation managers and engineers will learn how to embrace the power of an all-in-one product development solution to…

•    Strike back against the dangers of siloed systems
•    Uncover the secret to the Jedi philosophy behind design thinking
•    Understand the crucial benefits of a non-intelligent part numbering system.

Arena has helped thousands of companies around the galaxy overcome critical quality management challenges. So trust me—rebel alliance of the modern product development movement: the secret to your company’s quality success depends upon you reading on. To quote Yoda, "Do or do not—there is no try. Herr. Herr. Herr."

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