ED Power & Analog - Special Edition - Sep 20th, 2023
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September 20, 2023
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This article looks at different methods applied to achieve ultra-low Iq in bandgap references, which are temperature-independent voltage references.

Read this article to Learn how to extend battery life and reduce voltage recovery time with industry’s lowest Iq (95 nA) boost converter.

Featured Products

The TPS61299 is a synchronous boost converter with 95-nA ultra-low quiescent current with high efficiency under light-load conditions to achieve long operation time and average input current limit to avoid battery discharging with high current.

TPS61299EVM-103 is an evaluation module for the TPS61299 boost converter with 95-nA quiescent current. TPS61299 is ideal for low quiescent products powered an alkaline or coin battery.

Extend battery run time with the TPS62843, a high-efficiency, ultra-low Iq (275 nA) step-down (buck) converter in a 0.8-mm x 1.05-mm WCSP package. This 1.8-V to 5.5-V input, 600-mA buck converter is suitable for wearable and medical applications.

The TPS7A02 is an ultra-small, ultra-low-Iq (25 nA) low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) that can source 200 mA with excellent transient performance. This device maintains low Iq consumption even in dropout mode to further increase battery life.

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Designers of ultra-low-power electronics make trade-offs between higher performance and longer battery life. Read this paper to learn how to reduce Iq and address the fundamental challenge of achieving higher performance for longer periods of time.

This video series provides a primer on key current specifications, the benefits of low Iq in a battery-powered system, and specific examples that are facing increased demand for low-Iq designs.

Learn how you can maximize your battery run time and enable low power consumption in your next design with TI’s portfolio of ultra-low Iq technologies and products.

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