Electronic Design Update - Special Edition - May 14th, 2024
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May 14, 2024
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Can RISC-V meet ISO 26262 standards and reshape the automotive industry when it comes to functional safety? The latest trends suggest it’s already happening.

Meet automotive safety requirements and target higher levels of autonomy with radar sensors that enhance advanced driver assistance systems.

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Check out our newest radar chip that is optimized to increase ADAS intelligence and vehicle autonomy in satellite radar architecture.

Simplify design challenges and reduce development cost with our AWR2544LOP EVM featuring launch-on-package technology with a 3-D waveguide antenna.

The LP87725-Q1 device is designed to meet the power management requirements of the AWR2544 in automotive radar applications. The device has three step-down DC/DC converters, a LDO regulator, and a load switch.

The DP83TG720S-Q1 device is an IEEE 802.3bp and Open Alliance-compliant automotive Ethernet physical layer transceiver for high-bandwidth automotive networking.

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See the technologies, content, products and tools that can help you design high-performance, high-resolution and intelligent automotive radar systems.

Watch the video to learn how the AWR2544 radar sensor, engineered with  innovative launch-on-package technology,  meets the specific needs of satellite architecture.

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