Totem-Pole Critical-Conduction-Mode Controller Delivers Bridgeless PFC

March 30, 2022
Teaching switches new tricks: GaN-based totem-pole converters may be the key to practical V2G systems.

This video is part of our APEC 2022 coverage. 

Improved switching characteristics of wide-bandgap semiconductors are giving rise to new bridge architectures and innovative variations on classic designs. I visited the onsemi booth, where we got to see a new take on the well-known totem-pole architecture that not only boosts efficiency, but also enables bidirectional operation. This includes the NCP168x family

As the video demonstrates, single converters that can be driven in either direction can help reduce the cost of grid-tied solar inverters. They also help enable the widespread acceptance of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, which let electric vehicles sell a portion of their capacity back to the grid during peak demand times. 



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