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Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis

Even for the experienced user of spectrum analyzers, it may be helpful to recall some background information. In addition, our fundamentals provide an insight into typical applications...

Mastering the Challenges of Wireless EV Battery Management

Flexibility is one of the advantages of a wireless EV BMS, but designers must also keep in mind cyber risks as well as the reliability and safety standards used across the automotive...
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Test & Measurement

The Benefits and Limitations of Ranging on Your Battery Tester

In this article, you will learn how ranging improves battery tester accuracy, reduces error terms, and improves measurement precision, as well as gain insight on its limitations...
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The Ins and Outs of Frequency Spread Spectrum

Learn how to reduce electromagnetic interference using the frequency-spread-spectrum (FSS) approach.

The Building Blocks of Smart Factories

Analog front-ends help boost smart factory efficiency, enabling quick reconfiguration and advanced diagnostics.

How RF FDAs Enhance Test Systems with RF Sampling ADCs

This article discusses how integrating DC-coupling and RF sampling ADCs boosts linearity and bandwidth in RF systems, which impacts overall performance.
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Compact Scope Targets Rackmount, Automated Test Apps

The MXO 5C series oscilloscope, which doesn't have an integrated display, delivers the same performance as the MXO 5 series at a fourth of the vertical height.
Cloud-Based Visual Design Platform Creates Software Prototypes
Computer-Aided Design

Cloud-Based Visual Design Platform Creates Software Prototypes

Quick-Connect Studio from Renesas can visually generate software prototypes for rapid validation and product development.
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Buy vs. Build for Time-Critical Sensor Data Fusion

What exactly is “real-time”? This article looks at its permutations and offers insight into time-critical sensor data fusion and its role in database systems.

Achieving Safety Through Sensing

To bring vehicle automation to the next level, designers seek next-generation ADAS solutions. This article examines tradeoffs for sensor options like LiDAR and looks at sensing...