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The Ins and Outs of Frequency Spread Spectrum

Learn how to reduce electromagnetic interference using the frequency-spread-spectrum (FSS) approach.

The Building Blocks of Smart Factories

Analog front-ends help boost smart factory efficiency, enabling quick reconfiguration and advanced diagnostics.

How RF FDAs Enhance Test Systems with RF Sampling ADCs

This article discusses how integrating DC-coupling and RF sampling ADCs boosts linearity and bandwidth in RF systems, which impacts overall performance.

Tradeoffs in Analog Front-End Architectures for Power Applications

As the semiconductor industry pushes toward higher levels of integration, designers often turn to SoCs or use discrete components as solutions. Another option, though, is to adopt...
Noise Robust Edge AI Development Kit Addresses High-Voltage Applications

Smart Robot Demo Highlights Noise-Robust Edge-Computing Solution

Offering protection against high voltage and noise interference, Analog Devices' iCoupler isolation technology can create edge AI systems for harsh and high-voltage environments...
Test & Measurement

How to Accelerate Electric-Motor Drive Control Testing

Testing electric-motor drive controls can be optimized by employing digital twins within a single development platform and via test automation, thus creating a continuous testing...

Achieving Safety Through Sensing

To bring vehicle automation to the next level, designers seek next-generation ADAS solutions. This article examines tradeoffs for sensor options like LiDAR and looks at sensing...

Inertial Modules Equipped to Handle Functional Safety Up to ASIL B

This AEC-Q100-qualified IMU, which offers ASIL B compliance when used with a certified software library, consists of a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope...

The Ever-Evolving CAD Software Industry

While it’s no longer the premier computer graphics application, CAD is as important as ever.
Rohde & Schwarz
Test & Measurement

Cost-Effective Platform Performs OTA Vehicle-in-the-Loop Testing

Combining Dürr’s x-road curve multifunction roll test stand and Rohde & Schwarz’s radar target simulator, automated and autonomous vehicles’ full functionality can be evaluated...