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The Best IoT Arduino Shields to Start 2024

The best Arduino shields for IoT applications provide a host of features designed for connectivity, control, and data throughput.
Inside Electronics

Talking About High-Voltage Reed Relays, and the Applications They Serve

Pickering's Robert King gives insight on the company’s latest high-voltage surface-mount reed relays that target multiple test-related platforms.
91824901 © Forance | Dreamstime.com

EDA Helps Cultivate the Future of Die-to-Die Connectivity

Explore Keysight’s Chiplet PHY Designer tool and the game-changing UCIe standard in chip design.
Dirac Research

Transform Any Vehicle's Sound Experience

Machine learning and acoustic measurements combine to overcome the world’s most difficult acoustic environment—car interiors.
Virtual Instruments

IDE for Embedded Apps Adds Enhanced Graphics Library, Expanded Toolchains

NECTO Studio 6.0 from MIKROE brings to the table increased graphical functionality, Clang support for Arm and RISC-V, and many other features.
Engineering on Friday

Musical Personalities Who Became Engineers

Move beyond the bright lights and red carpet and discover the engineering talents of some of music’s most prominent players.
Test & Measurement

Improve Predictive Maintenance with Color Sensors

With their ability to detect changes in the hue of lubricants, color sensors are invaluable tools in predictive maintenance.

“A Real Bug’s Life” Brings Microphotography to the Forefront

National Geographic invites viewers into the tiny lives of insects with a unique point of view into a much larger world.
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Test & Measurement

Automotive-Grade MEMS Pressure Sensor Handles Gas and Liquid Media

This miniaturized MEMS pressure sensor makes gas and liquid media measurements from 2 to 70 bar, delivering a proportional analog output signal.
Ryzhov Sergey, Dreamstime
Test & Measurement

Electronic Design’s Test & Measurement Week

Testing is one of the most important facets of the electronic design process. It’s time to start taking it more seriously.