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Accurate, Reliable High-Voltage Sensing is Critical to the Future of Electrification

Sponsored by Texas Instruments: EV charging and distributed solar-energy apps are driving the demand for ultra-precision sensing, which includes the use of Hall-effect sensors...

How to Build Wide-Dynamic-Range Systems (Part 2)

Part 2 compares the characteristics of linear and multichannel receiver devices, examining resolution capabilities and sensitivity to impulse noise as well as the relationships...
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The Essentials for Quality TDECQ Measurements

How has the measurement of transmitter dispersion and eye closure quaternary (TDECQ) evolved and improved, and what can be done to achieve accurate and reliable results in a variety...
RIGOL Technologies
Test & Measurement

Waveform Generators Integrate Multiple Functions

RIGOL's latest high-performance 16-bit DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro are cost-effective test equipment that combine noise, pulse, and harmonic generator functionality plus more.
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Women’s History Month: Exploring Women’s Impact in Engineering

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of women throughout the ages and their contributions in the STEM fields.
Solid Sands
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Testing the Software Tools Behind Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Learn about the importance of testing not only the hardware and software inside automotive and other safety-critical applications, but also the software tools used to program ...
nVent Schroff
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Go Beyond the Standard with Customizable PXle Systems

Discover the power of PXI and PXIe systems in test and measurement. Explore how to harness these modular components and customization options to build tailored solutions.
Rohde & Schwarz
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EMI Test Receiver Addresses CISPR 14-1 Compliance Testing

The R&S EPL1000 now adds click-rate measurements in line with the latest CISPR 14-1:2020 version, mandatory for household appliances and electric power tools.
Anyaivanova, Dreamstime
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The Point of the Probe: Designing Circuit Boards for Test

Learn about key strategies for testing a PCB design at the system and component level, including the effective deployment of test points.
Test & Measurement

TDECQ: Understanding the Theory Behind the Key Metric for PAM4 Optical Transmitters

When decisions were made to change from historical NRZ or simple on-off modulation to PAM4 in the development of advanced comms systems, methods to quantify transmitter performance...