So…The K2-W Analog Computer Op Amp Has Mad Scientists’ Fingerprints on It (Part 1)

In the first of three parts, Andy hypothesizes that the K2-W Analog Computer Op Amp’s design has some unrevealed mad science in its input-stage design.

Auto-Qualified Current-Sense Amp Features Low Offset and Drift, High CMR

The simple-in-theory, but harder-to-implement, resistor-based current-sensing challenge is eased by a precision amplifier.

This Week in PowerBites: Big Power Innovation Comes in Tiny Packages

This week's PowerBites looks at advances occurring in less-obvious regions of the power sector, plus surprising news about the quiet boom occurring in grid-scale energy storage...
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Modernizing the Factory Floor with Ethernet, TSN, and Advanced Processing

Sponsored by Texas Instruments: As factories transform to meet the digitization and connectivity needs of Industry 4.0, new services and streamlined efficiency will be the result...

A Brief History of Switching Power Supplies

The high-efficiency switching power supply has become a staple ingredient in many of today’s electronic systems. What is its origins and how has it evolved over the decades?
MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower Software-Defined Vehicles

MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower SDVs

The NXP S32 CoreRide platform addresses central-compute needs, while the company's cloud-based virtual development environment helps carmakers meet time-to-market demands.
Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

Taking advantage of Linux’s popularity and developer support, Elektrobit’s EB corbos Linux is designed for the automotive industry with ISO 26262 and ASIL B certifications.

Achieving Safety Through Sensing

To bring vehicle automation to the next level, designers seek next-generation ADAS solutions. This article examines tradeoffs for sensor options like LiDAR and looks at sensing...

Inertial Modules Equipped to Handle Functional Safety Up to ASIL B

This AEC-Q100-qualified IMU, which offers ASIL B compliance when used with a certified software library, consists of a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope...
Surasakpetchang_Dreamstime and STMicroelectronics

Hybrid Inverters: A Potential Power Alternative for EVs?

The hybrid power inverter proposed by STMicroelectronics integrates SiC MOSFETs and IGBTs to boost power efficiency for less.