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What is the Economic Value of V2X in the U.S.?

Implementation of vehicle-to-everything systems dramatically improves safety on the roads, saving lives and avoiding injuries, which subsequently also leads to cost savings.
Really Low Power AI-enabled Microcontroller is SPOT On

Ultra-Low-Power AI-Enabled Microcontroller is SPOT On

Ambiq’s Cortex-M55-based Apollo510 microcontroller builds on its SPOT technology.
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COTS and OSS Promote Cost-Effective Custom Vision-System Design (Part 2)

COTS-based machine-vision systems reduce time-to-market while providing more robust solutions. Part 2 looks at how open-source software can be leveraged to meet those goals.

The Robotics Revolution in Retail

Robotics implementation in retail environments continues to surge, necessitating a support infrastructure with more electronic technicians and electrical engineering job opportunities...

Certified Cache-Coherent Interconnect Supports Safety Applications

The Ncore network-on-chip design tool developed by Arteris delivers ISO 26262 certification.

Dynamically Reconfigurable Processors Accelerate Machine-Learning Apps

Incorporating a pair of dynamically reconfigurable processors, the RZ/V2H SoC from Renesas is built to enhance machine-learning platforms.
GTC March 2024 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
Machine Learning

Presenting the Blackwell GPU @ GTC 2024

The latest NVIDIA Blackwell GPU helps accelerate artificial-intelligence chores.
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Inside Electronics

The Importance of Connectivity in Electronic Systems

Host Alix Paultre discusses the latest in connectivity solutions, from cables to connectors, with Cinch’s Scott Miller, Director of Product Management.
Test & Measurement

Rotary Encoder Wheels Perform Linear Position and Speed Sensing

Measuring wheels combined with IXARC rotary encoders measure linear motion in conveyor belts and rolled products.
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“Photographer”: Technology and Technique of the Image

“Photographer” from National Geographic explains the blend of art and technology by some of the world’s most prominent wildlife photographers.