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Engineering on Friday

AI’s Impact on Engineering Jobs: What Can We Do About It?

AI has the potential to disrupt or eliminate up to 300 million full-time jobs, and there’s no path forward that promises ample work ahead for all. Here’s what you can do to prepare...
Inside Electronics

The Importance of Advanced Power Electronics in Next-Generation EVs

Greg Green, Vicor's Director of Automotive Marketing, discusses why more power-efficient systems are essential in the design of tomorrow’s electric vehicles.
National Geographic
Engineering on Friday

Queens: Female-Led Wildlife Viewed Through the Latest Tech

Queens, a new nature series from National Geographic, documents female-led wildlife in shocking detail thanks to the latest filming technology.
Inside Electronics

CES 2024: A Cornucopia of Technology on Display

In this latest edition of the Inside Electronics podcast, Alix Paultre discusses some of the groundbreaking developments on display at CES 2024.
Inside Electronics

Talking About High-Voltage Reed Relays, and the Applications They Serve

Pickering's Robert King gives insight on the company’s latest high-voltage surface-mount reed relays that target multiple test-related platforms.
Inside Electronics

Expanding Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Embedded Systems

AI and ML are hotter than ever across the industry landscape. This episode of Inside Electronics discusses where these technologies currently stand in the marketplace.
Industry Insights

Electronic Design’s Best of 2023

Bill Wong highlights the most popular articles to appear on Electronic Design this year.
The Briefing

Can Silicon Supply Enough Power for the Future of AI Silicon?

The Briefing: Can traditional power electronics satisfy the rising power demands of AI chips in data centers?
Cabe Atwell
Engineering on Friday

Celebrating Field Engineers: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

Field engineers help implement, deploy, and maintain technology in the field, driving innovation in areas primarily unseen.
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Inside Electronics

Welcome to GoPro Warfare

We live in an era of technological warfare, especially in its asymmetry—a living electronics experiment conducted in a hellish war-torn laboratory.