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Rugged and Mil/Aero Systems @ Embedded Tech Trends 2024

Check out the technology presentations from this year's rugged computing event.
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Edge AI Unlocks a Safer World with Smarter Video Cameras

The convergence of high-powered edge AI and smarter video cameras revolutionizes vision systems in their delivery of real-time awareness and responses.
Considerations in Architecting an HPEC GPGPU AI/ML System that Aligns to SOSA’s Goals
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Utilizing AI in Rugged Environments

Artificial intelligence can be at home in rugged environments when using the right design tools and platforms.
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NVIDIA’s Blackwell GPU: Driving the Future of AI

The latest Blackwell GPU is the result of innovations in everything from the transistors themselves to the architecture, advanced packaging, connectivity, and memory.
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
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Advanced AI SoC Powers Self-Driving Car

Editor Bill Wong takes a ride in Ambarella’s autonomous vehicle that uses advanced AI and radar.
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Generative AI to Usher in Big Opportunities in 2024

Learn what’s in the forecast for generative AI this year and how it will impact the electronics industry.
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AI Will Transform the Future of Robotics

Discover how artificial intelligence is drastically changing and shaping the future of the robotics industry by enabling a new era of possibilities.
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Can tinyML Bring Machine Learning to the Masses?

Delivering smarter smarts to edge and free-standing devices, tinyML can be part of a broader AI/ML deployment.
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Securing Data in the Quantum Era

The quantum-computing market size is expected to grow 11X by 2030. So, how do we safeguard our equipment and data now from these post-quantum era threats?
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11 Myths About Generative AI

Lauro Rizzatti breaks down the potential, deployment, and value of generative AI, along with misunderstandings and exaggerations to help debunk myths surrounding the technology...