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TechXchange: Basic Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is cutting-edge technology. Here, we delve into understanding the basics and how it all relates to other aspects like software and security.

Mid-Range FPGA Brings AI and Longevity to Developers

The mid-range Agilex 5 developed by Intel incorporates AI acceleration and long-term support for applications from medical to robotics.

Inside Intel’s Gaudi 3 Chip for AI Training and Inference

The company’s next-gen AI silicon adds more accelerator cores, faster networking, and extra high-bandwidth memory.
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Round 5: A Cool Raspberry Pi

Discover the new features of the Raspberry Pi 5, its improved performance, and the challenges it brings with heat management.
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What is the Economic Value of V2X in the U.S.?

Implementation of vehicle-to-everything systems dramatically improves safety on the roads, saving lives and avoiding injuries, which subsequently also leads to cost savings.
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Bidirectional Current-Sense Amp Boosts Accuracy in Automotive Apps

STMicroelectronics’ new AEC-Q100-qualified bidirectional current-sense amplifier saves space by eliminating external components typically needed for protection and gain-setting...
Why Interoperability Between Programming Languages is Important

Interoperability Part 1: Using Multiple Programming Languages

MathWorks' Heather Gorr talks about interoperability issues that arise when using multiple programming languages.
Embedded World

embedded world 2024: Showcasing the Latest Cutting-Edge Solutions

Taking place from April 9-11 in Nuremberg, Germany, the embedded world Exhibition & Conference brings together innovators across the electronics industry landscape.
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The Migration of AI from Buzzword to Application Solution

Inside Electronics host Alix Paultre talks with MathWorks’ Johanna Pingel about the rise of AI/ML and how the company’s MATLAB platform helps integrate AI into system designs....
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New Linear Processor Crushes AI and Other Complex Problems

Indlewylde’s device, a linear AI accelerator, is named after “the most beautiful equation in mathematics.”