Accelerating Time-to-Market: The Impact of Shift Left Verification on IC Design Productivity

People complain about the weather and they complain about the inefficiencies and frustration of IC design. No one has done anything about the weather, but IC design is finally...
Virtual Instruments

IDE for Embedded Apps Adds Enhanced Graphics Library, Expanded Toolchains

NECTO Studio 6.0 from MIKROE brings to the table increased graphical functionality, Clang support for Arm and RISC-V, and many other features.
Solid Sands
Test & Measurement

Library Safety Qualification Suite Adds C++ Headers

Solid Sands expanded its SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite with a collection of C++ headers.

The Benefits of Using Rust for Mission-Critical Systems

Rust offers a promising solution for more secure, reliable code and has the potential to transform safety-critical software development.
Looking for a complete SmartNIC software solution?

DynaNIC Software Eases SmartNIC Development

BrnoLogic's complete SmartNIC software solution offloads developers from having to wrangle with hardware.
Challenges with Traditional Software Testing

TrustInSoft Analyzer Demo Shines a Spotlight on Its Capabilities

The demonstration provides insight into the platform’s error-detection functionality.
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Open-Source Solutions Fortify Embedded Applications

Open-source solutions are made available to the public to not only view and use, but also to modify and distribute under a common license.
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Compiler Qualification is Critical for Smart-Device Code

Qualifying a compiler is essential in today’s connected world. If a compiler isn't tailored for a specific use case, especially those that are safety-critical, the outcome will...
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Test & Measurement

Software-Defined Instrumentation Plus AI: A New Era in Test

The convergence of AI and flexible, software-defined instrumentation is revolutionizing the test and measurement industry, offering efficient ways to analyze data and optimize...
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TechXchange: Embedded Python Programming

Python programming is popular on the web and for AI applications but it can also be used for embedded applications.