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Mastering the Challenges of Wireless EV Battery Management

Flexibility is one of the advantages of a wireless EV BMS, but designers must also keep in mind cyber risks as well as the reliability and safety standards used across the automotive...

11 Myths About Time-Sensitive Networking

Despite its benefits, myths and misunderstandings about time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology have emerged, potentially deterring companies from adopting this crucial innovation...
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Sensor Fusion: The Source of AI’s Foresight

Learn how sensor fusion will make robotics safer and more capable by mimicking how humans process their surroundings with multiple senses.
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First Level 4 Self-Driving Tests Conducted on Class 8 Fuel-Cell Electric Truck

Hyundai Motor and Plus will collaborate on a demo for road safety and freight efficiency using an XCIENT Class 8 hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck.
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Seamless Connectivity Drives Vehicle Networking

Sponsored by Texas Instruments: Today’s vehicles with hundreds of sensors, actuators, and electronic control units demand new communications architectures that can handle a mix...
Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300+ pushes the mobile, generative AI envelope with up to 7 billion parameters.

This Week in PowerBites: Big Power Innovation Comes in Tiny Packages

This week's PowerBites looks at advances occurring in less-obvious regions of the power sector, plus surprising news about the quiet boom occurring in grid-scale energy storage...
MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower Software-Defined Vehicles

MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower SDVs

The NXP S32 CoreRide platform addresses central-compute needs, while the company's cloud-based virtual development environment helps carmakers meet time-to-market demands.
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Buy vs. Build for Time-Critical Sensor Data Fusion

What exactly is “real-time”? This article looks at its permutations and offers insight into time-critical sensor data fusion and its role in database systems.
Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

Taking advantage of Linux’s popularity and developer support, Elektrobit’s EB corbos Linux is designed for the automotive industry with ISO 26262 and ASIL B certifications.