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Inside Electronics

CES 2024: A Cornucopia of Technology on Display

In this latest edition of the Inside Electronics podcast, Alix Paultre discusses some of the groundbreaking developments on display at CES 2024.

Multichannel Temperature Sensors Meet Automotive Needs

The 10 multichannel temperature-sensor interfaces in this family are designed to address the complex needs of today’s sophisticated automobile subsystems.
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
Real-TIme Autonomous Car Demonstration
Machine Learning

Advanced AI SoC Powers Self-Driving Car

Editor Bill Wong takes a ride in Ambarella’s autonomous vehicle that uses advanced AI and radar.
Owl AI

Cars Will Enlist Thermal Infrared and AI to Shield Pedestrians

In five years or so, all new cars will be able to see in total darkness. What you need to know about the new automotive PAEB technology to provide automotive safety at nighttime...
Test & Measurement

Pass-by Testing Helps Reduce Train Noise Pollution

Trains are essential for moving people and goods every day, but they aren’t exactly quiet, contributing to the noise pollution problem in urban, suburban, and even rural areas...

What's the Difference Between the I2C and I3C Bus?

What made the I2C bus such an overwhelmingly popular embedded connectivity technology for nearly four decades? And how is the I3C bus carrying its legacy forward?
Taifang Technology

EV Battery Collision Monitoring System Based on Touch-Sensing Tech

Taifang pulled the covers off its Battery Intelligent Monitoring System, which leverages the company’s elastic-wave technology, to monitor and report collisions experienced by...

Targeting Automotive and Industrial Apps with 10BASE-T1S

Single-pair Ethernet presents a lighter, lower-cost alternative to RJ-45/CAT5 and 6 that's typically used in computing applications.
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Test & Measurement

Automotive-Grade MEMS Pressure Sensor Handles Gas and Liquid Media

This miniaturized MEMS pressure sensor makes gas and liquid media measurements from 2 to 70 bar, delivering a proportional analog output signal.

Thermal-Monitoring "Tape" Helps EV Batteries Beat the Heat

A unique peel-and-stick thermal sensor works to keep the high-voltage battery packs in EVs from overheating—and potentially from exploding into flames.