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Transforming Electric Vehicles: The Doubly-Fed SYNCHRO-SYM Motor (Part 1)

Learn about the brushless SYNCHRO-SYM, which revolutionizes electric motors by offering twice the power density and octuple the peak torque at half the cost and half the loss ...

Navy to Evaluate Solar Power for Submarines

The nation’s defense goes “green” by reducing use of diesel and nuclear fuel in submarines.

Leading EV Maker to Introduce First-Ever Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Customer realities have brought an acknowledgement about maximum EV market potential.
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Smarter Tire Tactics: Predictive Monitoring Plus Automatic Inflation

Aperia’s Halo Connect i3 is an integrated automatic inflation solution for truck tires.
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Dev Kit Simplifies Automotive Dynamic RGB-LED App Development

The ADK81116 from Melexis eases the development of dynamic RGB-LED automotive applications, and comes with pre-loaded configurable firmware.
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Platform Integration Key to Building Software-Defined Vehicles

NXP’s CoreRide Platform introduces the S32N system-on-chip family that's integrated with third-party software.

PowerBites: Silicon Still Matters, Hybrid-Electric Aircraft and More

This edition of PowerBites brings you new developments in hybrid-electric aircraft and a V2G standard, MOSFET moves, silicon and SiC advances, plus more.
Machine Learning

Edge AI Unlocks a Safer World with Smarter Video Cameras

The convergence of high-powered edge AI and smarter video cameras revolutionizes vision systems in their delivery of real-time awareness and responses.
Multiple Operating Systems on a Single Chip

QNX Hypervisor Empowers Software-Defined Vehicles with VirtIO

Seamless management of multiple OS in automotive environments is possible with BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor that integrates VirtIO support.
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BMW to Adopt 10-Mb “Ethernet to the Edge” Technology

Analog Devices and the BMW Group are looking to revolutionize automotive connectivity with the adoption of Ethernet to the Edge bus technology, which supports zonal architectures...