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Embedded World

embedded world 2024: Showcasing the Latest Cutting-Edge Solutions

Taking place from April 9-11 in Nuremberg, Germany, the embedded world Exhibition & Conference brings together innovators across the electronics industry landscape.
Inside Electronics

The Migration of AI from Buzzword to Application Solution

Inside Electronics host Alix Paultre talks with MathWorks’ Johanna Pingel about the rise of AI/ML and how the company’s MATLAB platform helps integrate AI into system designs....
Industry Insights

Elemental Carbon and Sodium Sue to Redeem Their Reputations

Two essential elements resent being maligned for the implications of their higher-level molecules.
How Chiplets Accelerate Generative AI Applications
Machine Learning

How Can Chiplets Accelerate Generative AI Applications?

This superpanel explores the role of chiplets in advancing ever-expanding generative AI technology.
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Packaging Chiplets for Performance and Profit

When it comes to chiplets, it’s all about packaging technology.
The Briefing

Component Reuse: The Key to More Sustainable Electronic Devices?

Jabil is getting into the business of recovering chips and other components from circuit boards. In the latest installment of The Briefing, we discuss the new effort with the ...
Inside Electronics

The Importance of Advanced Power Electronics in Next-Generation EVs

Greg Green, Vicor's Director of Automotive Marketing, discusses why more power-efficient systems are essential in the design of tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

Is Data Driving a New Age of Test and Measurement?

Dive into how test and measurement companies are using software and data to help optimize product performance in this webinar, with insights from Charles Schroeder, a technology...

How Smart is Smart Energy?

Smart energy involves the use of solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal energy. Management software brings control to those green energy resources in the smart home.
National Geographic
Engineering on Friday

Queens: Female-Led Wildlife Viewed Through the Latest Tech

Queens, a new nature series from National Geographic, documents female-led wildlife in shocking detail thanks to the latest filming technology.