Smart Ideal Diodes Protect Car Battery Front-Ends

Discover the most effective solutions for protecting car batteries from reverse polarity and how smart diode controllers can play a significant role in making that happen.

The Robotics Revolution in Retail

Robotics implementation in retail environments continues to surge, necessitating a support infrastructure with more electronic technicians and electrical engineering job opportunities...
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Transforming Electric Vehicles: The Doubly-Fed SYNCHRO-SYM Motor (Part 1)

Learn about the brushless SYNCHRO-SYM, which revolutionizes electric motors by offering twice the power density and octuple the peak torque at half the cost and half the loss ...

Playing Stackelberg Games in Power Systems

The Stackelberg game—a strategic game in economics—involves a leader firm that moves first and then follower firms move sequentially. Such an approach can be applied to power ...

Pinpointing the Best DC-DC Converter for Your EV Design

The complexity of EVs leads to demands for multiple kinds of voltages, all of which must be derived from the main battery. So, conversion and management of current and voltage...
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“Squib” Driver IC Helps Ensure Rapid EV/HEV Battery-Pack Cutoff

Developed by Texas Instruments, this IC initiates battery cutoff via a pyro, non-thermal fusing device.
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Boost Voltage with Switched-Capacitor Power-Density Circuits

This article highlights the development of switching-mode converters without the use of inductors or transformers.
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Electronic Isolation on a Chip

Infineon’s new series of solid-state isolators facilitate faster and more reliable switching in high-voltage electronics.
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Component Reuse: The Key to More Sustainable Electronic Devices?

Jabil is getting into the business of recovering chips and other components from circuit boards. In the latest installment of The Briefing, we discuss the new effort with the ...
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What’s the Difference Between Supercapacitors and Battery-Based UPS?

High-density power backup protects data and system reliability in mission-critical automation infrastructure deployments. What sets supercapacitors and battery-based UPS apart...