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Dostal's Designs: Ideas for Design Video Series

Analog Devices' Frederik Dostal presents this Ideas for Design video series about power and analog tips.
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Ideas for Design

Microcontroller Controls Relays via RF Modules

Targeted for the smart home, this design leverages two PIC MCUs that use a wireless RF transmitter/receiver to control up to six relays and monitor two analog signals.
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Ideas for Design

Microcontroller Performs Multiple Instrumentation Measurements

In this Idea for Design, a PIC16F886 is used to perform six different instrument functions, ranging from a voltmeter to a frequency counter.
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Ideas for Design

Microcontroller Monitors Ionizers in Manufacturing Process

This design idea applies to ionizer machines that must have reliable testing of integrated circuits to ensure high-quality production.
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Adding a Flexible Current Limit

Voltage converters rarely offer an adjustable current limit. However, a high-side N-channel MOSFET static switch driver offers a possible solution to not only limiting current...
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Ideas for Design

Microcontroller Delivers High-Precision Frequencies

Taking time-base generators to another level, this Idea for Design describes a PIC microcontroller that can generate highly precise frequencies from 1 Hz to 4 MHz.
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Ideas for Design

Ideas for Design Volume 2

Check out the latest collection of design nuggets for engineers and developers.
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Ideas for Design

Voltage Conversion in Four Quadrants

A four-quadrant dc-dc converter offers an elegant way to control currents and voltages, and is able to set current to any level.
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CNC Your PCB Prototype

Grinding out copper is one way to create a printed circuit board, and low-cost CNC milling machines have improved to the point where it’s possible for many.