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The Benefits of Graphene for Flexible and Printable Electronics

Here are some of the compelling benefits of including graphene in projects concerning electronics that are printable, flexible or both.
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The Electronic Automobile: EVs Now, AVs Later

Electric vehicles are making headway, but sales lag as concerns still abound regarding cost and infrastructure, among other issues. As for autonomous vehicles, they remain in ...
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Women in Engineering and Maritime: Real Experiences

Currently, women represent only two per cent of the maritime industry, while only eight percent of employees in engineering are women. This is in stark contrast to the UK workforce...
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5G Status Report: How’s It Working Out for You?

Has 5G lived up to its expectations? The jury is out, and potential fixes to some of its problems create other issues. But one solution could involve satellite networking.
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You Feel the Need, the Need for Speed

“Make it go faster” seems to be the mantra overriding much of the electronics industry these days. Lou Frenzel presents 11 keys to achieving that goal.
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So, What’s Happening with UFOs?

The latest government report on UFOs, or rather, UAPs, reveals little. Why does the government continue to hold back, despite growing video evidence?
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Ohm Confinement Song Contest: And the Winner is...

Great songs and videos/animations were submitted, but only one could take the top prize. However, the other standout submissions were chosen for specialized categories, too.
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ROHM Semiconductor Europe appoints Wolfram Harnack President

Wolfram Harnack joined ROHM Semiconductor Europe GmbH as Managing Director in October 2020.
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The Joke's on us this April 1st!

In this year without a year, let's at least enjoy some laughs together this April First!
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The Ultimate Personal Communication Method Perfected

Radios nor other electronics are needed. It’s all literally a state of mind.