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So, What’s Happening with UFOs?

The latest government report on UFOs, or rather, UAPs, reveals little. Why does the government continue to hold back, despite growing video evidence?
Tobias Knoepfli | Dreamstime.com
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What Hath Technology Wrought?

All walks of society have seemingly become infused with electronics, but are the latest communications technologies good for you?
Phadventure | Dreamstime.com
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AM Radio Still Alive and Well

Although the heyday of AM radio has passed, it remains an integral part of many lives as a means of communication in third-world countries, or simply tuning in for local news ...
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The Ultimate Personal Communication Method Perfected

Radios nor other electronics are needed. It’s all literally a state of mind.
Alex Grichenko | Dreamstime.com
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Mother Nature Exposes U.S. Electrical Weakness

The winter storms that recently gripped Texas revealed once again the vulnerabilities plaguing our power infrastructure.
Ivansmuk | Dreamstime.com
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SDRs Everywhere

It seems pretty much any wireless device these days is a software-defined radio. Lou Frenzel discusses the reasons behind this overwhelming trend.
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It’s All About the Antennas for 5G

For 5G technology to function as expected in apps from factory automation to self-driving vehicles, multiple antennas must be properly implemented.
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Tubes: Luckily, They’re Still Around

As Noah said to his family after dinner, “Those unicorn steaks were excellent!”

Slogging Toward 5G

Do you really want it? Do you really need it? Here’s the latest state-of-the-state for the embattled technology.
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You Don’t Have to be a BSEE Grad to Design Electronic Products

Experience prevails in engineering—converting a thought or idea into a physical reality can be taught. That’s the overriding theme of Lou Frenzel’s new book targeting makers and...