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COTS and OSS Promote Cost-Effective Custom Vision-System Design (Part 1)

COTS-based machine-vision systems reduce time-to-market while providing more robust solutions.
Network Technologies for Functional Safety Communications in Industry 4

Mastering the Black Channel

Discover what network technologies are best suited to address the need of functional-safety communications in the era of Industry 4.0.
Trenton Computer Festival

AI, EVs, and Robot Wars are Hot Topics at World's Longest-Running Computer Festival

Celebrating its 48th anniversary, the world’s oldest amateur computer fair has evolved to offer much more than PCs and programming tips.

Time Synchronization is Crucial in Modern Electonics

Precision timing is critical to all connected embedded systems, from the board level to the network to the cloud, as all those involved must be synchronized.
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Industry Insights

Key Moments in Engineering History

The new series will bring insight into the breakthroughs that helped usher in the digital revolution.
Solid Sands
Test & Measurement

Library Safety Qualification Suite Adds C++ Headers

Solid Sands expanded its SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite with a collection of C++ headers.
Vision-Based Tactile Sensor for Robotics

Vision-Based Tactile Sensor Helps Streamline Robotics

FingerVision’s tactile sensors for robotic grippers utilize machine vision to pick up fragile and deformable objects.

Intel and Siemens Scope Out More Sustainable Future for Chips

The joint effort will take a hard look at the negative impact of chipmaking on the environment, with the hope of finding ways to reduce the chip industry’s collective footprint...
Industry Insights

Engineering in the Cloud

Electronic engineering in today’s working environment can involve using remote tools, telepresence, and online collaboration. What does our annual Salary Survey tell us about ...
Industry Insights

Employment Prospects for Engineers are Looking Up

Have companies started to realize that they need to pay better to retain top engineering talent?