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Figuring Out the Carbon Footprint of an Individual Chip

Infineon is calculating the carbon footprint of its individual products, giving engineers more transparency regarding the climate impact of its chips.
Empower RF Systems

Pulsed S-band Transmitter Leverages GaN-on-SiC @ mwrf.com

With peak power output of 15 kW, Empower RF’s model 2254 transmitter is ready for active duty in radar and EW applications.

Coaxial Cable Remains Stable with Flexure Over Time @ mwrf.com

Samtec rolls out a new coaxial-cable structure that displays consistent phase and amplitude stability over time as it experiences flexing.
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RF Multichip Modules Target Phased-Array and Multifunction Radar Systems

Qorvo's low-noise, RF multichip modules deliver high performance for advanced radar applications.
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Bringing the Power of RedCap 5G to the IoT

MediaTek’s T300 5G RedCap platform opens the door to a 5G NR-connected future for IoT devices and wearables.
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Build Edge AI Systems Using eFPGA Technology

Artificial-intelligence algorithms, particularly artificial neural networks and their hardware, are critical in addressing edge AI applications.
Protecting Against Quantum Attacks

Preventing Quantum Computers from Breaking Security

Though quantum computers will accelerate computation to levels that far surpass conventional systems, they also present cybersecurity risks to existing encryption.
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RedCap: Augmenting 5G to Support IoT Device Growth

3GPP’s Release 17 aims to increase battery efficiency, reduce latencies, and bolster network support for IoT devices on 5G networks.
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Seamless Connectivity Drives Vehicle Networking

Sponsored by Texas Instruments: Today’s vehicles with hundreds of sensors, actuators, and electronic control units demand new communications architectures that can handle a mix...
Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300+ pushes the mobile, generative AI envelope with up to 7 billion parameters.