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Build Edge AI Systems Using eFPGA Technology

Artificial-intelligence algorithms, particularly artificial neural networks and their hardware, are critical in addressing edge AI applications.
Inside Electronics

Let’s Talk About Sensors and Analog Signal Conditioning

Analog front-ends are key ingredients in today’s smart embedded systems for the IoT. This edition of Inside Electronics discusses the challenges of, and solutions for, implementing...
Inside Electronics

Discussing the State of Advanced Intelligent Devices in the Cloud

Silicon Labs’ Ross Sabolcik weighs in on the ever-changing landscape of the cloud, edge computing, and the IoT, and on the company’s new wireless SoCs targeting energy-harvesting...
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What’s Next in Remote Monitoring for Digital Healthcare?

Many of the latest advances in remote monitoring for digital healthcare revolve around non-invasive devices and innovative technologies that reduce patient care costs while improving...
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RedCap: Augmenting 5G to Support IoT Device Growth

3GPP’s Release 17 aims to increase battery efficiency, reduce latencies, and bolster network support for IoT devices on 5G networks.
Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

Mobile SoC Platform Incorporates Generative AI Acceleration

MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300+ pushes the mobile, generative AI envelope with up to 7 billion parameters.
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Buy vs. Build for Time-Critical Sensor Data Fusion

What exactly is “real-time”? This article looks at its permutations and offers insight into time-critical sensor data fusion and its role in database systems.

Building Automation: Extreme Comfort with Hidden Threats

In the fast-paced world of smart homes and buildings, indoor air quality often takes a backseat. The MOX technology offers a seamless solution to make your space smarter and harmless...

Community-Backed Open-Source Initiatives Help Unlock MCU Capabilities

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, open-source and community-backed initiatives are playing a crucial role in realizing the potential and versatility of MCUs to meet the ever...
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The Future of Smart Healthcare Encompasses Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC

How wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth LE, RFID, and NFC play a vital role in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).