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What's the Difference Between CAN Bus and Automotive Ethernet?

How does automotive Ethernet build on the legacy of CAN bus to support all of today's advanced automotive features—as well as future developments?
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High-Performance Computing Pushes the Pedal for In-Vehicle Networking

Vehicle design has accelerated since the mid-1970s with changes to in-vehicle networks, zonal architecture, and much more. These data centers on wheels are a fantastic case study...
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Voices of Ethernet: Paul Nikolich

Paul Nikolich has been chair of the IEEE 802 Working Group since 2001. In this interview with Ethernet Alliance chair Peter Jones for The Voices of Ethernet oral history archive...
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Why Do You Need Low Iq with Power-Line Communications?

Low quiescent-current operation is important even when connected to the power line. One implementation solution involves an RS-485 simulation reference design.
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Rugged PCIe/104 SBC Sports 3-Bank PCIe Stacking

VersaLogic’s Sabertooth single-board computer utilizes heat-pipe cooling and stackable PCI Express support to handle multiple 10G Ethernet ports.
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Multi-Speed Ethernet Test Platform Validates Data-Center Systems

The solution delivers Layer 1-3 Ethernet testing on a single platform, supporting data-center interconnect speeds from 10 to 800 GbE, while validating network equipment interoperability...
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Ethernet Switch Silicon Doubles Bandwidth to 51.2 Tb/s

Broadcom's Tomahawk 5 switch ASIC packs 512 high-performance 100G PAM4 SerDes transceivers.

Multipoint Ethernet Solution Reduces System Complexity

onsemi's NCN26010 handles over 40 nodes on a single twisted pair, exceeding the amount specified by IEEE 802.3cg, thus reducing installation cost and setup complexity.

Addressing Ethernet Connectivity in Industry 4.0 Deployments

Analog Devices’ Industrial Ethernet platform solutions are designed to provide device connectivity for a large range of industrial, instrumentation, and other equipment.

MOCA Technology Can Share Satellite Data Faster and More Securely

BridgeComm’s MOCA technology is a cost-effective solution for high-throughput secure connectivity across space, air, land, and sea domains. We talk to Barry Matsumori, CEO of ...