Special Report: Testing the Limits of Test and Measurement

April 4, 2024
Test and measurement is becoming an even more important facet of modern electronic design.

In pursuit of higher performance, today’s electronic systems are pushing the limits of complexity and density. In that context, success or failure for any electronic design often comes down to how rigorously and accurately it has been tested.

To keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in the electronics industry, test and measurement companies are rolling out hardware that can capture the internal operation of a system more accurately and software tools—in many cases, augmented by AI—to identify potential problems and resolve them faster. The goal is to give engineers on the front lines of the electronics industry more valuable insights into the technological shifts taking place in their designs. 

We explored the challenges and opportunities for the future as part of Electronic Design's Test and Measurement Week in March. We’ve assembled all the content from the event for you to peruse and download for future reference.

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Is Data Driving a New Age of Test and Measurement?

Dive into how test and measurement companies are using software and data to help optimize product performance in this webinar, with insights from Charles Schroeder, a technology...

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Test & Measurement

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Insights from Industry Experts

Anyaivanova, Dreamstime
Test & Measurement

The Point of the Probe: Designing Circuit Boards for Test

Learn about key strategies for testing a PCB design at the system and component level, including the effective deployment of test points.
nVent Schroff
Test & Measurement

Go Beyond the Standard with Customizable PXle Systems

Discover the power of PXI and PXIe systems in test and measurement. Explore how to harness these modular components and customization options to build tailored solutions.
Test & Measurement

“Probing” the Future of Power Integrity Test and Measurement

Power-hungry AI accelerators and other high-performance chips are throwing a wrench into power integrity. Learn how Picotest is trying to tackle the challenges with more advanced...
Rojdesign, Dreamstime
Test & Measurement

A New Test and Measurement Strategy for the Wireless Age

Learn how RF components can be used to recreate the environment experienced by a wireless device and test that it will work as intended out in the real world.
Solid Sands
Test & Measurement

Testing the Software Tools Behind Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Learn about the importance of testing not only the hardware and software inside automotive and other safety-critical applications, but also the software tools used to program ...

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