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256-Ch Digital X-Ray AFE Offers Low Noise, High Image Quality

256-Ch Digital X-Ray AFE Offers Low Noise, High Image Quality

AnalogDev_1128-AAnalog Devices is hailing their new 256 channel ADAS1256 digital X-ray AFE as the first single-chip solution to integrate the complete charge-to-digital conversion signal chain by incorporating low-noise programmable-charge amplifiers, correlated double-sampling circuitry and 16 bit A/D converters. With a noise figure of an equivalent charge of 560 electrons at a 2 pC full-scale range, the low power AFE enables high resolution digital X-ray images while reducing patient exposure to X-ray dose. Power mode options range from 1 mW/channel to 3 mW/channel, allowing manufacturers to address digital X-ray modalities in applications including portable radiology and mammography as well as high speed fluoroscopy and cardiac imaging. Offering high dynamic range, the chip also features simultaneous sampling and is delivered in a high density SOF package that can be directly mounted on a digital X-ray panel. The ADAS1256 digital X-ray AFE is priced at $256 each/1,000.

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