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Single-Chip Multi-Tuner Car Radio System Doubles Processing Power

Single-Chip Multi-Tuner Car Radio System Doubles Processing Power

74752_1205-AEindhoven, Netherlands: The SAF775x, a combination car radio and audio system on one IC, features embedded AM, FM, and DAB tuners. Representing the third generation of NXP’s car radio and audio DSP family, the device packs more than twice the audio processing power of its predecessor, leading to significantly enhanced radio performance and all-round reception quality.

In previous generations of tuners, the company introduced FM dual-tuner phase diversity to car radios, using two tuners for better reception. Both tuners were separate devices, external to the DSP chip, to avoid interference and because different process technologies were used for analogue RF tuners and digital signal processing.

The programmable SAF775x includes an “open” Tensilica HiFi 2 Audio DSP for designers to program their own features, or to run those of third-party software vendors. This gives car radio manufacturers the flexibility to differentiate their car infotainment solutions without having to rely on expensive external ICs.

For example, active noise cancellation of engine sound is one application that can run on the HiFi 2 Audio DSP. Uncomfortable harmonics interfering with music playback and the general driving experience are removed through audio software processing. In combination with third-party software, the SAF775x offers a low-cost method of damping the unwanted noise and replicating the desirable engine sound.


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