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45 Watt Single Chip Amplifier

45 Watt Single Chip Amplifier

This circuit is based on the National Semiconductor LM3876. This device is capable of delivering as much as 56W of continuous average power into an eight ohm load with 0.1% THD from 20Hz to 20Khz. Be sure to provide an adequate heat sink for the package.

Use log pots for volume, bass and treble. A stereo amplifier can be built using ganged pots and a Stancor 402 transformer instead of the 401.

Note that the delivery of power to the speakers is primarily a function of the power supply voltage and capacity in Class A amplifier. In our case, we're using a +/- 33 volt volt supply which is designed around a Stancor RT401 transformer. Use extreme caution when working with line voltages.

45 Watt Single Chip Amplifier Diagram

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