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All Datakey Electronics Standard Products Available In RoHS-compliant Models

Datakey Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of rugged, re-programmable memory Keys and Tokens, has announced that all of their standard catalog products are available in RoHS-compliant models. RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) is a European Union directive prohibiting products containing any of six specific substances. For electronics, lead-free construction is the most prominent requirement of the RoHS directive.

Over the past year, Datakey Electronics has dedicated a cross-functional team to achieve RoHS compliance by working with external suppliers and internal personnel to implement, control, document, and ensure conformance to this environmental standard. Datakey Electronics is continuing to evolve this program to the point where all product manufactured at their facility is RoHS compliant.

Since November 2005, the majority of the products Datakey Electronics has shipped have been RoHS compliant. To provide a simple way for customers to guarantee they are ordering and receiving RoHS compliant parts, Datakey Electronics adds an "A" suffix to its existing part numbers to indicate RoHS compliance.

"Offering all of our standard products in RoHS compliant versions is a major step forward, puts us ahead of the curve on the RoHS directive, and offers our OEM customers the flexibility they need to comply before the European deadline," commented Eric Jennings, President of Datakey Electronics.

Datakey Electronics is a member of the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) and is adopting the IPC-1752 Materials Declaration Tool as a standardized way to both receive raw materials/components compliance information as well as to provide RoHS-compliance declarations for its products.

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