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EE&T News: April 14, 2010

April 15, 2010
Here comes the 17-year bulb for room lamps

April 14, 2010 Issue:

• The smartest engineer for the last 30 days
• Here comes the 17-year bulb for room lamps
• New unit of energy efficiency: The Rosenfeld
• No more "gas-powered alarm clocks" for Energy Star
• Water heaters get tougher efficiency standards
• Energy shorts

The smartest engineer for the last 30 days

Have you been testing your knowledge in the World’s Smartest Design Engineer contest put on by our sister publication, Machine Design? The player with the highest point total in a month gets a prize. For March, Mathew Rosauer, an Automation Engineer from SKF USA, topped the scoreboard. Mathew won himself a $250 Amazon Gift card. April’s prize is a $250 Best Buy Gift Card, and there is still time to win it. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the digital edition of our March/April issue.
Leland Teschler, Editor
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Here comes the 17-year bulb for room lamps

GE Lighting's new Smart LED bulb is expected to consume just 9 W and produce nearly the same light output as a 40-W incandescent bulb, while lasting more than 25 times as long. GE says it designed the bulb to better direct light downward on the intended surface and all around, not just out the top of a lampshade, as most current LED bulbs are prone to do. READ MORE Read More
Increase the life of metal components with a FREE CD-ROM from General Magnaplate. The easy-to-use CD assists design engineers in selecting permanent coatings that prevent wear, friction, corrosion, sticking, galling, and chemical attack on ferrous and nonferrous metals. The CD resource compares the static and kinetic coefficient of friction (COF) of numerous metals with 20 Magnaplate-applied 'synergistic' coatings. General Magnaplate's surface enhancements become an integral part of the metal providing permanent, superior performance. www.magnaplate.com

New unit of energy efficiency: The Rosenfeld

Now you can tell people how much energy your newest gizmo saves, expressed in Rosenfelds. It is hoped that the Rosenfeld - named after the "father of energy efficiency" Dr. Art Rosenfeld - will help standardize references to “energy saved,” rather than such variable calculations as “avoided powerplants” or “cars off the road.” Arthur Rosenfeld is an acclaimed high-energy physicist and researcher/educator for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California at Berkeley. READ MORE Read More

Rugged Speed and Temperature Sensor
Electro-Sensor’s TT420 Temperature Transmitters and ST420 Shaft Tachometers are pre-calibrated, proven solutions that install fast and perform anywhere, providing rugged and reliable monitoring solutions for your toughest machine environments. The TT420 combines a temperature sensor, signal conditioning, and 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA transmitter into one compact package. The ST420 detects magnetic pulses from a rotating shaft-mounted magnetic pulser target (disc or wrap) and outputs a smooth, continuous 4-20mA analog signal in direct proportion to the pulse frequency (rotating shaft speed).www.electro-sensors.com

No more "gas-powered alarm clocks" for Energy Star

At the request of Senator Susan Collins, the Government Accountability Office conducted an undercover investigation to assess the product review and certification processes for the Energy Star program. The GAO formed four fake companies that created 20 bogus energy-efficient products, several of them outrageous on their face. Of the 20 fictitious products, 15 were granted Energy Star status by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Dept. of Energy, which jointly run the program. READ MORE Read More


Water heaters get tougher efficiency standards

New standards from the DoE tighten up minimum conservation standards for three types of residential heating products, which account for about 18% of energy use in homes. The standards will significantly cut energy consumption by these products, says DoE, and will demand large electric storage water heaters use 47% less energy and large gas water heaters use about 30% less. READ MORE Read More

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Cables & grounding connectors for VFDs
Rick Orsini from the Lapp Group USA shows the details of electrical cables specifically for variable frequency drives and methods to assure complete shield grounding. Run time, 3:51


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