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EE&T News: May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010
Wind turbines go bladeless

May 11, 2010 Issue:

• Highlights of the EE&T conference
• Wind turbines go bladeless
• This energy efficient clothes washer runs on elbow grease
• Energy shorts
• HBLEDs get solderless sockets
• Featured video: How to apply industrial LED indicators

Highlights of the EE&T conference

If you missed EE&T's one-day technical conference last week, check the site next week for presenter slides. Attendees with whom I spoke thought the program was awesome and were particularly impressed with keynoters Chris Scruton from the Calif. Energy Commission and Linear Technology Corp. cofounder Bob Dobkin.
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Leland Teschler, Editor, [email protected] Read More


Wind turbines go bladeless

A Tesla turbine has a stack of parallel disks connected to a central shaft with airfoil-shaped spacers arranged around the edge. Air enters the turbine at the edge of the disks and flows over the airfoil shaped peripheral spacers, turning the shaft. A company in New Hampshire has used this idea to devise a high-efficiency, low-maintenance wind turbine. READ MORE Read More
Permanent and Electro-Permanent magnetic systems cut energy costs on steel handling/clamping applications
Electromagnets require sophisticated high-capacity power supplies, which make them expensive to run and costly to maintain. Walker Magnetics’ development of permanent and electro-permanent magnetic systems require minimal to no outside energy source, which greatly reduces operator costs. For more detailed information on our steel handling/clamping products check us out at www.walkermagnet.com or call us at (508)853-3232 to speak to one of our engineers. Let us show you how we can save you money. Download a FREE catalog or receive literature.

This energy efficient clothes washer runs on elbow grease

The Wonder Washer uses a patented pressure system to force detergent and water into the fabric for a clean wash in just a few minutes as the operator turns a crank. It uses no electricity -- you just turn it by hand. The manufacturer, The Laundry Alternative Inc. in Nashua, N.H., claims it is gentle on clothes, using a tumble-wash process similar to that used by high-end washers costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. READ MORE Read More
When you need better managed meters expand your intelligence with Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless expands the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of hardware, software and connected services. Our proven wireless solutions provide critical wireless data communications enabling energy applications such as renewable energy/grid integration, pipeline monitoring and control and electric power transmission and distribution communications. Expand your world with Sierra Wireless www.sierrawireless.com

Energy shorts

Well, 2009 wasn't all bad. Wind power capacity hit a record last year

That candy wrapper you just tossed could wind up as fuel for your local utility

Commercial building owners have high hopes for LED light sources

Solar panels for the golfer who has everything

The "Biggest Loser" may soon mean something other than aggressive weight loss

A "huge fan" is not necessarily something related to following movie stars

Elbow arresters for wind and solar apps use high-energy MOV blocks in a glass-filled epoxy laminate Read More

Cree XLamp MP-L multichip LEDs can now go into light fixtures via solderless sockets. Devised by Tyco, the socket also allows ample optical clearance for the a 120-degree beam angle. A snap-on connect feature for the LEDIL Tyra series of reflectors offers directional optics in 18, 30 and 50 degree beam angles. READ MORE Read More

Featured video: How to apply industrial LED indicators

This short video with Banner Engineering talks about the basics of LEDs used for industrial indication tasks. It runs a bit over three minutes. Read More
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