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EE&T News: November 30, 2010

Dec. 2, 2010
How to build fuel-efficient planes

November 30, 2010 Issue:

• A plurality of Volts
• How to build fuel-efficient planes
• Standards for high-brightness LEDs
• Wind turbine noise: Serious problem or just an annoyance?
• A new waste heat scavenger
• Energy shorts

A plurality of Volts

If a group of lions is a pride and a group of sheep is a flock, is a group of Chevy Volts.....Chevy Voltage?? That's not such a wild question as organizations such as GE announce fleet buys of the mainly electric Volt. You'll be able to read more about our experience with the Volt in the Nov.-Dec. issue. Meanwhile, send your energy efficency news to us at [email protected] -- Leland Teschler, Editor Read More


How to build fuel-efficient planes

The Wright brothers only made progress in powered flight when they stopped trying to mimic birds and started their design work from a clean sheet of paper. Now, the opposite approach may be the means through which designers realize more fuel-efficient planes. So say researchers Geoffrey Spedding, an engineer at the University of Southern California, and Joachim Huyssen at Northwest University in South Africa. READ MORE Read More

Standards for high-brightness LEDs

SEMI, the organization for semiconductor manufacturers, has formed a new organization to set standards for high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs. The goal is to eliminate costs across the LED industry and boost innovation in equipment and processes. The committee has already set up task forces in four areas: wafers, carriers, automation, and assembly.The automation task force will come up with a standard that facilitates compatibility among different types of HB-LED equipment from different vendors. READ MORE Read More

Low Cost Mass Flow Controller Winner of Innovation Award!
Sierra's Smart-Trak® 50 Series OEM Flow Controller has been honored by the readers of Flow Control Magazine with their annual Product Innovation Award for its advances in flow measurement technology. Learn what makes the 50 Series a winner today...click here.

Wind turbine noise: Serious problem or just an annoyance?

As more wind turbines get built and more powerful units come on line, there are a rising number of complaints about noise and the potentially harmful side effects of living near them. The complaints are coming from Japan, Germany, Britain, Australia, and the U.S. Most victims say they suffer from insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness or buzzing in the ear, and stress. In response, industry groups including the American Wind Energy Assoc., and the Canadian Wind Energy Assoc., sponsored a report concluding that there is no evidence that audible or sub-audible sounds emitted by wind turbines have any direct adverse physiological effects. READ MORE Read More

Thin-film thermoelectric power generators based on the Seebeck Effect are said to produce up to 24 mW of power. The devices come from Nextreme Thermal Solutions and carry the moniker eTEG HV37. They target self-powered applications in the wireless sensor, automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical device markets. READ MORE Read More
Support Across the Board
Now, you can have it all, faster and easier than ever before. Avnet's commitment to customer service is backed by an extensive product offering combined with supply chain and design chain services and a world-class ecommerce offering. Ready. Set. Go to Market.www.em.avnet.com

Energy shorts

An electric Tuk Tuk
Britain's tallest Sustainable Christmas tree
Power factor correction for LEDs.... control...
...And for ac-dc conversion
LED driver targets battery operated gear
An IGBT for hybrid vehicles
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New High-Efficiency Motors from SEW-EURODRIVE
SEW is excited to announce the new efficient DR Motor series. This modular system of AC motors is available in three efficiency levels: standard, high-efficiency and NEMA Premium® efficiency. The modular DR motor offers a single series with millions of drive combinations; other customizable options include brake size, cost-optimized encoders, and mounting type. All three models comply with worldwide efficiency and energy standards. Visit www.sewmotortruth.com.

Today, the pressure to increase sales by bringing high-performing products to market quickly and within budget is intense. At Norgren we understand this pressure and constantly innovate to provide world class products and services, bringing real value to our customers and helping differentiate them from the competition. Applying the best engineering, innovation and technical know-how to generate value for our customers is what we know as “Engineering Advantage”
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Featured video: A look at how to charge the Chevy Volt
We recently got a chance to take the Chevy Volt for a spin and get a short tutorial in how to charge the car. GM engineer Lane Rezek gives this short demo.Run time, 1:24


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