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2-Tbyte Hard Drive Hits 6 Gbit/s

Feb. 8, 2010
Seagate's 2 Tbyte Barracuda XT uses SATA III interface to deliver data up to 6 Gbit/s.

Seagate’s 2-Tbyte Barracuda drive

Seagate’s latest Barracuda drive not only comes in a 2 Tbyte size but it also transfers data at 6 Gbit/s SATA speeds. The 7200 RPM Barracuda XT hard drive has a 64 Mbyte cache and supports SATA III with a top speed of 6 Gbits/s. It won’t be able to sustain that transfer rate because the overall transfer rate is limited by the physical characteristics of the disk but it will be the fastest disk around overall. The max transfer rate is 600 Mbytes/s with a sustain rate of 138 Mbytes/s. Average latency is 4.12ms. That is still very impressive.

The Barracuda XT will likely remain Seagate’s performance leader for 2010. It is relatively quiet rated at 2.8 bels in idle mode and 3.2 bels during a seek. Peak current at start up is 2.8A and the operating power average is 9.23W. The drive uses 6.39W in idle mode. The drive comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

If you are looking for the best in capacity and performance then the Barracuda XT fits the bill.



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