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Dear Bob:
Your comments on waking up with a song in your head in your "Obsessions" column (Electronic Design, June 8, p. 179) reminded me of another aspect of music in your head. Sometimes when I'm tinkering at home at my workbench, and I'm stuck trying to figure out a problem or a new piece of circuitry, I'll slide away from the bench and grab my guitar. I'll stumble through a few songs I know, or string together a few amusing cord changes, and then return to the bench. Often, I find this psychic dusting 'n cleaning gives me a new perspective and I can get to the solution I sought.

I believe the playing of music uses the other side of the brain than that used for the intellectual pursuits of electronic design. Maybe the making of music does for me some of what chanting one's mantra or doing yoga does for others. Too bad I can't bring a guitar to work.
via e-mail

Okay, I'm going to go out and buy a guitar.—RAP

Hi, Bob:
Thank you for your clarity and levelheadedness regarding the speaker cable issue! The degree of deliberate disinformation on this topic, and the success with which it masks the established scientific facts, are truly frightening. I never would have thought it possible to deceive so many people so much of the time. The only scam that compares to this is the old "patent medicine" scam that was run on our grandparents. The universal claim was that, "MY product will cure anything that ails you." That scam ended when the U.S. Government stepped in and formed the Food and Drug Administration.

This High-End Audio Hysteria must settle down, or this industry will surely either self destruct or be brought under control. As things stand, the high-end audio industry is just begging for government intervention to stop the deceptive sales practices that go on every day in high-end audio salons. I can think of no other industry where such routine blatant technological deception is an everyday occurrence. It's time to put the scamsters on notice: Let the LIARS beware!
Physicist/Audio Engineer
True Audio

John, I would hate to think that anybody would ever catch me agreeing with a Republican. But, I don't want our STATE or FEDERAL government sending out more edicts on what people can or cannot do. If people catch on to the hoaxes of "ultra high-end audio" and learn to think for themselves, fine. If they figure out that nobody can hear the difference between super cables and inexpensive wire, fine. I have no objection to advice for consumers. But, forbidding such claims is not the American way. Laughing at them is!—RAP

All for now. / Comments invited!
RAP / Robert A. Pease / Engineer
[email protected] team.nsc.com—or:

Mail Stop D2597A
National Semiconductor
P.O. Box 58090

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