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Over the last few issues, this editorial page has been a tool for announcing a new editor, a new web portal, and a pair of special issues targeted at designers of networking and communications systems. All of this was done with our readers in mind, to provide you with better editorial and easier ways to access our stories and contact the companies that you want.

Well, I'm going to ask your indulgence one more time to tell you about some editorial additions that we expect will benefit both the magazine and you. We just added two more editors to help bring you more editorial content. Taking charge of the Digital Semiconductors area, Senior Technology Editor Ray Weiss joined us late last month. Ray has been an editor for almost 20 years, and actually started his editorial career with Electronic Design in the early '80s as a field editor. He then moved on to several other publications: EDN, Computer Design, EE Times, and RTC Magazine, and finally to the web-based TechOnLine.

During his extensive career with the trade press, Ray conceived of and helped found the SPEC benchmarking organization for RISC and CISC microprocessors. Additionally, he co-authored a study on PCI markets, technology, and trends. Prior to his work in publishing, Ray was a hardware designer, a software manager/developer, an employment consultant, and a marketing manager for a startup software vendor. He holds a BSEE from the University of Southern California. Based in Woodland Hills, Calif., Ray can be reached at (818) 704-9454, or viae-mail at [email protected]

Ray's main duties will focus on covering the broad space of digital semiconductors. (This includes such areas as microprocessors, memories, programmable logic, system-on-a-chip design, and other digital logic and system technologies.) Ray will play a large role in helping to shape some ideas for new editorial content in Electronic Design, like new story formats and valuable reference materials that we feel will make your job easier. Ray has extensive experience in the embedded computing arena too, from the several years that he spent writing for RTC Magazine. He will work closely with our Embedded Technology and Software editor, Bill Wong. This will ensure that Electronic Design delivers the most useful information about the latest architectures and technologies, which you can put to work to solve your system design challenges.

Further, Electronic Design has a new editor in our New Jersey headquarters. Please join me in welcoming Lisa Eccles to our staff as an Associate Editor. Lisa comes to us fresh from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and will be learning the ropes before she's assigned a technology area to cover. Initially, she will be working as a "generalist," developing stories about new products, late-breaking technology developments, and more.

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