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  • Tool-Less Plastic Technologies LLC has obtained a manufacturing license from TTK Kunststoff-Technologle GmbH to use its TTK-Box technology in the U.S. TTK-Box is a fully integrated manufacturing system that applies basic sheet-metal cutting, bending, and forming techniques to extruded plastics. It produces plastic parts and enclosures comparable in quality to injection-molded parts, yet requires no tooling. Designers can take advantage of this process to develop prototype enclosures quickly (lead times are 2 to 3 weeks) and to conduct pilot production runs.

  • Hirschmann, a manufacturer of electronic and network communications products and components, has merged its Network Systems Group and its Industrial Interconnection Technology Group into the new Automation and Networking Solutions (ANS) Division. According to the vendor, this new division will be the industry's first experienced single-source supplier for the entire infrastructure of data communications at all corporate levels.

  • National Instruments and Dell Computer Corp. have announced a strategic alliance to deliver high-performance instrumentation and measurement workstations. The instrumentation-ready model will ship with NI's LabVIEW and instrument control hardware preinstalled. The other will include NI data-acquisition hardware as well. This saves engineers time in configuring a system and also gives them the benefit of working with open standards, which both companies support.

  • The acquisition of AutoGate Logic (AGL) by Actel Corp. is now complete. The deal is a direct result of increased collaboration between the two over the past several years and serves to further strengthen Actel's plans to become the premier provider of field-programmable gate arrays. AGL's wide range of very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) development tools, including FPGA and custom IC place-and-route and timing-analysis software, coupled with Actel's existing tool offerings, promises to offer designers increased flexibility and optimization when designing with FPGAs.

  • Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. has announced plans to acquire a minority interest in Fabmaster S.A. This move doubles Tecnomatix's customer base to over 1000 electronics companies worldwide and strengthens its presence in Europe and the Far East. By combining its product line for electronics manufacturing with Fabmaster's technology for test, assembly, repair, and production optimization, Tecnomatix's customers will gain access to advanced solutions for electronics assembly and test not previously available.

  • BSQUARE Corp. has announced plans to acquire BlueWater Systems Inc. This move is in direct support of its strategy to provide software products and services for the development and use of intelligent computing devices (ICDs) based on Microsoft operating systems. In other words, BSQUARE will expand from its traditional expertise in Windows CE and Windows NT Embedded to provide additional software solutions for computing devices based on other Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows for SmartCard. As a result, customers will be able to gain access to a complete set of tools for developing system-level software for ICDs.

  • Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Numerical Technologies Inc. (NumeriTech) have entered into a multi-year, multimillion dollar licensing agreement. Under its terms, NumeriTech's optical proximity correction (OPC) and silicon-versus-layout (SiVL) verification technology will be embedded into Cadence physical design and verification products and methodologies. This integration will ensure subwavelength effects are transparent to design teams, decreasing the cost and easing the challenge of producing subwavelength photomasks and silicon. The result will be a proven subwavelength infrastructure combined with proven design tools, requiring minimal extra effort and process knowledge on the part of IC designers. First production versions of Cadence tools with the OPC and SiVL technology capabilities are expected to be available in sometime in May.

  • At the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Siemens Communications Devices announced that it will refine and deliver the voice-communications element of the HomeRF networking specification. Siemens' work will go a long way toward realizing the HomeRF Working Group's goal of delivering high-quality voice capabilities, together with data, in wireless home networks. Siemens will leverage off its experience in developing the digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) standard.

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