Wireless Systems Design

Design Kits Extend To VHF And UHF Power Amplifiers

Designers need to go from design to production as quickly as possible. For help in achieving this goal, they can rely on the DAK-3A Design Accelerator Kit from the Semiconductor Division of Mitsubishi. This kit is the third in a series of advanced Design Accelerator Kits featuring DataSurveyor technology. It comes with a toolset for RF designers, which includes reference designs, application notes, fixtures, and evaluation samples. The DAK-3A targets VHF and UHF power-amplifier (PA) applications. It is available for two silicon radio-frequency, unmatched power transistors: the RD06HVF1 (6 W) and RD15HVF1 (15 W).

The DAK-3A kit is fully interactive. Designers can therefore investigate the performance of devices either independently or across a range of user-selectable RF drive, bias, and temperature conditions. It also provides for advanced math-processing and data-export functions. The data presented by DataSurveyor is based on measurements of thousands of data points. It is "real-world" measurement data for the devices in the supplied reference design.

All three tools in the Design Accelerator Kit series are available with DataSurveyor technology. DAK-1 features reference designs and a toolset for leadless, surface-mount, Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) FETs for microwave PAs. DAK-2 features a reference toolset for a line of Silicon (Si) hybrid RF, 7-W power-amplifier modules that cover VHF and UHF frequencies.

For pricing information, contact Mitsubishi directly.

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.
5665 Plaza Dr., P.O. Box 6007, Cypress, CA 90630-0007; (714) 220-2500, FAX: (714) 229-3854, www.mitsubishielectric.com.

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