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Electronic Design Update: May 2, 2007

Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | May 2, 2007

Innovations in Battery and Charger Technologies for Portable Electronic Devices

Get the critical knowledge of portable power management you need for working with portable devices and battery charging. Find out what the common electrical and mechanical design challenges are when working with portable devices, and learn how to overcome them. Learn more in this free webcast, presented on Wednesday, May 16, and sponsored by MicroPower.

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Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

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leapfrog: first look |

MEMS RF Switch Operates To 26 GHz
By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

Companies have been trying for years to make a fast, reliable MEMS switch that not only can switch quickly but also work at the upper microwave frequencies. Many efforts have resulted in products that didn't meet the demandng specifications and reliablilty needs for test and communications applications. Now, TeraVicta Technologies has some MEMS switches that address the need for a tiny relay replacement.

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focus on wireless |

PAN Standard Uses Chirp Modulation For Location Systems
By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

There's now one more standard to muddy the waters for wireless system design. But on a more positive note, there's one more standard to add to your already full portfolio of options to design short-range systems.

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focus on digital |

Memory Fault Detection IP Meets International Safety-Critical Standards

A family of fault supervisory IP from Yogitech offers fault detection for memory subsystems in safety-critical systems. The detection level is certified by TUV SUD to comply with the risk level SIL3 standards of IEC 61508.

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Embedded Wireless Modems with 40 Mile Range

The 900 MHz XTend wireless modem from MaxStream features a full Watt of output power for long range data communications. Advanced features such as 256-bit AES encryption, industry-leading receiver sensitivity (-110 dBm) and sophisticated communication topology options allow OEMs and systems integrators to easily and reliably add wireless communications to nearly any electronic device.

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now on electronicdesign.com |

Engineering TV Episodes 32 and 33: Two-Wheel Balancing Robots, Parts 1 and 2

Engineering students using National Instruments' LabVIEW software created a two-wheel balancing robot using embedded systems. Part 1 looks at those systems, while Part 2 examines the final outcome.

To see the video, visit http://engineeringtv.com/blogs/ and click on Episode 32 and 33.

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news from the editors |

Motor Control Development Kit Handles DC Permanent Magnet, AC Induction Types

Based on the recently announced 32-bit STR750 microcontroller, the STR750-MCKIT motor control kit from STMicroelectronics helps designers quickly develop high-performance vector-control applications.

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Upgraded Eclipse IDE Boosts Developers' Productivity

The latest release of Genuitec LLC's MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench, version 5.5, is an expansion of the company's Fusion Technology platform. The updated integrated development environment includes a ready-to-run stack, customizable how-to applications, a popular tool expansion pack, and workspace-free simple non-integrated applications (SNAPs).

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Low-Power, High-Brightness LEDs Target Outdoor Sign, Signal Applications

A series of low-power, high-performance, extra-bright LEDs suits use in portable and solar-powered outdoor electronic signs and signal applications. The Avago Technologies HLMP-EGxx (red), HLMP-ELxx (amber), and HLMP-EHxx (red-orange) LEDs are 5-mm through-hole AlInGaP devices that can be auto-inserted onto a printed-circuit board.

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Increased Production Means More Environmentally Friendly Material To Prevent EMI

GE Plastics has expanded production of its LNP Faradex compounds, including a new environmentally friendly grade that features a non-brominated, non-chlorinated flame retardant, to the company's facility in Moka, Japan. The compounds provide inherent electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and allow manufacturers to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations with materials that reduce parts weights and system costs.

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X5-400M PCI Express XMC Module with Virtex5 FPGA

This new PCIe module provides dual-channel, 14-bit analog input & output at 400 MS/s - perfect for RADAR & Wireless receiver/transmitters. Easily programmable in C++ or Matlab, this mix of ultra-quality analog I/O coupled with the Virtex SX-95 FPGA for embedded digital signal processing is unparalleled in the known universe!

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product picks online |

Differential Amps Optimized For Driving High-Speed ADCs
Tunable Next-Gen Products Squeezed Into Small Form Factors
Temperature Sensor Signals Its Physical Location In A Crowd
Clockless 80C51 Core Receives Memory eXtension
Dual-Channel UARTs Handle Either I2C Or SPI

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upcoming industry events |

Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI'07)
May 9-11, 2007
Porto Allegre, Brazil

Design Automation Conference
June 4-8, 2007
San Diego, California

Wireless Communications Association (WCA 2007)
June 11-14, 2007
Washington, D.C.

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Learn Best Practices in Test at the 2007 Automated Test Summit

Learn best practices and proven strategies for designing flexible and efficient test systems at the 2007 Automated Test Summit. This 4th annual event, hosted by National Instruments, moves online this year to provide you a convenient way to access the latest technical information on automated test system design.

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