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EMA Adds Five Key Capabilities to EMA Engineering Data Management (EDM)

New Capabilities Powered By Omnify Software Provide a Scalable Business Solution That is Ideal for Both Small and Large Companies

Rochester, NY (March 28, 2006) – EMA Design Automation, a full-service provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, today announced that it has integrated the Omnify software into the EMA EDM environment increasing capabilities to make the adherence to RoHS/WEEE compliance directives even easier.

“Omnify is a proven technology for managing data,” said Manny Marcano, President and CEO of EMA. “Integrating Omnify into our EDM solution provides five key capabilities thatbolster our compliance by design philosophy, allowing companies of any size to have the power of a full EDM system.”

These capabilities include:

Configuration Management

OEMs need to manage data related to all aspects of their products. This includes electrical, mechanical, and software/firmware items. Due to the level of change and product configurability associated with RoHS compliance, companies need to be able to access and control revisions to all items throughout the entire product structure.

EMA EDM now encompasses managing data and controlling revision levels on the customer’s entire product.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

The RoHS and WEEE requirements affect the entire product. The unique BOM management function manages all revisions and understands the lifecycle of a BOM.

Since the BOM items link directly to active part data, customers can analyze and generate compliance reports from any level or from any version of their BOMs.

Document Management

It is critical for both RoHS and WEEE initiatives that due diligence is exercised in the collection and storage of supporting documentation. Items such as the component datasheet, Certificate of Compliance, Material Declaration, and testing information need to be stored on an individual vendor part number level. In case of an audit, these documents must be quickly and reliably accessible for at least four years. EMA EDM now provides document versioning/vaulting on all documents associated to product or vendor records. Changes made to documents are performed under a user-defined and controlled process.

Change Management

Changes made to product data usually require validation by all affected parties. EMA EDM provides a controlled change management process that allows users to define product and documentation changes and allow them to vote on the suggested changes. The system handles the automatic routing to users (via e-mail) and updating of product records when there are changes to products (part replacements, AVL changes, part number changes, availability, etc.). These changes must be captured and performed in an automated fashion.

Enhanced Reporting

When delivering reports to satisfy RoHS and WEEE requirements, the entire product structure must be considered. Reports and analysis must be available at any point in the product development process. With EMA EDM, customers can generate reports from any level of the product structure. The system can also automate the generation and packaging of these reports. Since EDM captures data during product development, these reports can be generated, products can be analyzed, and adjustments can be made at design time.

”We are pleased that EMA has selected our technology as the backbone of their EDM solution,” stated Jack Rowntree, Executive Vice President of Omnify Software. “Supporting EMA in providing a complete compliance solution from component sourcing to data management helps manufacturers to fully comply with the regulations while maintaining an efficient product development process.”

“Overall, I believe EMA’s capabilities in RoHS/WEEE content research combined with the Omnify technology are an unbeatable solution,” said Marcano. “This combination is unique in the EDA Industry and is very compelling for the entire customer base.”

For additional information, visit www.ema-eda.com, or call EMA at 800-813-7494.

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