Electronic Design

Engineering the World: Stories from the First 75 Years of Texas Instruments

By Caleb Pirtle IIIISBN: 0870745026

This is definitely a coffee table book. It is big, impressive, full of photos and an easy read. It is also something even non-techies will like. It is a history book of Texas Instruments, a company that has been extremely influential in the electronics industry.

Pirtle starts back in the 1930s and proceeds through 2005. There are plenty of timelines, highlights and interpretations of events. The chapters are essentially in chronological order but many tangents such as military technology is grouped together.

The book concentrates on technology but it also addresses the people with in TI. It also reveals the importance of TI’s relationship with local universities.

I found the book fascinating. TI remains a major competitor in the electronics industry and it was a lot of fun finding out how it got there.

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