Electronic Design

The Envelope Please

Numerous research awards have been bestowed on Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, including the Guillemin-Cauer Award (1982-1983), the IEEE's Darlington Award (1987-1988) for the best paper bridging theory and applications, two awards for the best paper published in the Transactions on CAS and CAD, and three best paper awards and one best presentation award at the Design Automation Conference.

In 1981, he received the Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of California. He achieved the worldwide 1995 Graduate Teaching Award of the IEEE (a Technical Field award for ?inspirational teaching of graduate students?). In 2002, he received the Aristotle Award of the Semiconductor Research Corp. Also, in 2001, he won the prestigious Kaufman Award of the Electronic Design Automation Council for pioneering contributions to EDA.


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