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FCI’s proven D-Sub range now fully RoHS-compatible

ETTERS, PA. (December 12, 2005) — FCI, one of the leading suppliers of connectors and interconnect systems, introduces its RoHS-compatible D-Sub family of connectors to meet the European Directive EU 2002/95/EC. Both the Delta D series straight solder version and the press-fit version are now available without the restricted materials as detailed in the directive, and the right-angle version will be available by the end of the year.

The Delta D-subminiature connectors are available for both PCB and cable applications, in both signal and power versions. The RoHS-compatible versions withstand temperatures up to 260°C for 3.5 seconds, and are capable of withstanding lead-free wave soldering temperature.

The RoHS-compatible Delta D range is identified by the suffix “LF” at the end of existing part numbers. RoHS-compatible means that a product has been qualified as both RoHS-compliant and suitable for use under lead-free processing conditions.

“The implementation of new part numbers by FCI also makes it easy for customers to segregate and manage their component inventories as they migrate to production of RoHS-compliant electronic equipment in the months leading up to the RoHS compliance date of July 1, 2006,” said David Sideck, FCI Regional Market Manager.

For more information on the new RoHS-compatible Delta D Series, contact FCI at 825 Old Trail Road, Etters, PA 17319-7883; call 800-237-2374, email at [email protected] or visit FCI on the web at www.fciconnect.com/dsub.

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