Electronic Design

Four Killer Apps Stand Out From The Rest Of the Pack

No matter how wonderful it may be, technology by itself is not enough to succeed. Even groundbreaking technology needs a good application to be a winner.

We engineers, who are the creators of technology, like to believe the technology is more important than the application. But the truth is, many a fine technology has come and gone because it could not find a suitable application. In contrast, applications can make due with an existing or old technology for generations.

Sometimes, the application is much like a supernova, shining more brightly than all the rest. This is the Killer App, and it becomes the principal driving force that shapes and propels technology for the foreseeable future.

In this Special Anniversary Feature, we examine four of today's most exciting Killer Apps: wireless communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and medical electronics. These Apps will be giants for many years to come. We hope you enjoy reading about all the wonders they hold for us.

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