Electronic Design

Four Killers Are On The Loose

Be on your guard. These killers are armed and dangerous. They will impact your system designs for the foreseeable future. But if you are prepared to deal with them and harness their power, your new designs will blow away your competition.

We are posting snapshots of the four Killers considered to be the most aggressive and pervasive. Our package of special reports provides you with the insight needed to gauge these Killers and where they will lead in the next few years.

Killer Optical: Although optical computing is still a ways off, fiber-based optical communications offers plenty of room for improvement, especially in that first/last mile of access.

Killer EDA: Design automation tools are shaping up to meet the challenge of SoCs packing hundreds of millions of gates.

Killer Networking: Ethernet continues to rise to the challenge, whatever that challenge entails.

Killer MEMS: The promise of this form of nanotechnology is astronomical. It literally merges the best of two worlds—mechanical and electrical.

Forewarned is forearmed. Stay on high alert for these Killers, and your reward will be system designs that soar.

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