Electronic Design

General Electric Transistor Manual: The Fifth Edition

Featuring two new chapters on the tunnel diode, this is one book in the transistor field you can't afford to be without...because it's the one reference that is constantly being revised and brought up to date to serve your needs.

The greatly expanded new Fifth Edition has 93 more pages ...new material on tunnel diode theory and switching circuits...tunnel diode amplifiers...feedback and servo amplifiers. Sections on the silicon controlled rectifier, power supplies, transistor and rectifier specifications have been expanded.

Here is a work you'll find yourself turning to time and again. Get your copy from your G-E Semiconductor Distributor or by mailing one dollar with the coupon below. (Electronic Design, Oct. 26, 1960, p. 129)

Because of its practical circuits content and its overall usefulness, the GE Transistor Manual, featured in this advertisement, was probably the most popular of all the manufacturer-issued transistor handbooks. GE applications engineers were particularly frequent contributors of circuit design articles to Electronic Design and other magazines of the time.

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